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Teachergive Sale 2023

Steps to Creating a Contemporary Home Decor Style

>> Jun 14, 2013

Contemporary and minimalistic style home decor is increasingly popular, particularly with the rise of city and loft-style living. The look is simple to create in a few easy steps.
It has long been said that a tidy home lends itself to a tidy mind so it is little wonder that a contemporary, minimalistic style is increasingly popular in the homes of today. There are easy ways to create this look for your home using texture, colour and light.

Play with Window Dressing
Curtains don't lend themselves to minimalistic looks. Instead look at Venetian style blinds or the new smart glass which enables you to switch from translucent to opaque at the touch of a button.

Clever storage
Clutter has no part in a contemporary theme but it's a fact of life for most of us other than the most hardened minimalist. Instead find clever storage solutions to blend seamlessly into your home whether it's under bed storage or window seats with storage. There is a world of storage out there that will help tame your stash.

Colour clever
Minimalist doesn't have to be white. Greys, creams and other urban stone colours can work for this look.

Add metallics
For the ultimate contemporary feel, metallic surfaces are key, particularly in the kitchen. A healthy serving of stainless steel gives an urban kick.

Play with texture
Though keeping things simple, playing with texture and surfaces can bring interest to the room. Experiment with glass surfaces, reflective surfaces and matt surfaces to create layers and depth to the room.

Bring in the light

Light is key in creating a space that feels spacious and airy. As well as making use of light reflective surfaces and mirrors to bounce light into your rooms, also consider clever lighting for evenings too. Ditch the lampshades for dropped ceilings with hidden lighting or the latest in spotlights to create pools of light exactly where you want them.

Create space
Create the illusion of space by ensuring that there is plenty of floor and wall visible to the eye. Do this by choosing furniture that is on legs rather than sitting directly on the floor.

Don't compromise on comfort
Minimalist doesn't have to mean cold and uncomfortable. Choose comfortable pieces with simple lines and don't be shy about introducing simple throws to add to your comfort.

Clean lines
For the most contemporary looks stick to furniture with smooth lines. Combine angular pieces with those with simple curves for modern appeal.

Simple floor coverings
Shag pile does not lend itself to a contemporary look. Instead investigate natural floorings such as tiles, wooden floorboards or high gloss lino.

A modern home look is clutter free and lends itself to stress free living. Simple lines and neutral colours provide a gentle look that can work in any home. Modern surfaces and materials such as smart glass from
Dream Glass Group can bring a unique and inspirational touch to your living space while still reflecting your personal style.


Anna Mathews is an interior designer of fifteen years experience. As well as creating unique designs for her clients she also writes for a number of online interiors websites. Her favourite discovery lately is smart glass and she has used this in both in homes and business spaces.

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