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Tips to Make a Successful Kid’s Party

>> Jun 26, 2013

Catering is the business done between party organizers and caterers. Caterers are having a good opportunity to expose their skills. Most of the people are employing caterers who can cook good, tasty and nutritious food. Now-a-days in most of the kid’s celebrations caterers are employed to cook tasty food according to kid’s taste.

Kid’s parties mostly include birthdays, children’s day, costume party, pop star party, disco party, pet or zoo party, girl’s tea party, superhero party, pirate party, etc.

Often children come to parties to enjoy and to have lots of fun with their friends by playing different games. Major part of attending the event by kids is to enjoy a variety of tasty foods such as cookies, cool drinks, chocolates, cakes etc. Children often like to taste different foods when they are away from their parents. Here the children love to eat when they have the company of other children. Kid’s often take more food when they all sit together and chat. When the same food is served at home they don’t show interest in eating. They like to eat food which is colorful and good looking.

Kid’s party caterers are the people who are on the back of every successful kid’s party. The success of every party depends on the food they serve and especially in kid’s party. There are various kid party caterers available across the world who cooks tasty food liked by most children and as per the menu provided. 

The kid’s parents who organize the party should take care of following points
  • Contact the parents of the kids to know whether they have any food allergies
  • Try to serve nutritious and tasty food to kids
  • Cover all the drinks and food with nets to keep the food away from dust 

Tips to make food look attractive and healthy 
-Ensure that you provide a variety of soft drinks or beverages such as soda, juice, etc. for the kids especially on warm days to avoid dehydration

-Children forget to take drinks while they get busy in playing. So, remember and schedule drink breaks for them in parties

-Serve water, milk shakes, sweetened tea, sugar free lemonade with straws or in colored bottles which look attractive and allures them to drink

-Avoid serving sloppy food

-Serve raw veggies with dips. They are not only healthy but tasty too

-Always remember to bake small cakes to blow the candles. Serve the kids with cupcakes. This troubleshoots the problem of cutting and serving the cake.
-Conduct different varieties of games so that kids can enjoy a lot and can mingle with everyone easily
-Decorate the drinks with strawberry halves, lemon slices to make the drinks attractive
-Conduct games such as drinking the water faster. Label each bottle such that they doesn’t mix with each other
-Serve ice-cream which is the most favorite flavor for kids. Decorate them with Chocó chips, whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles, or gummy candies.

Points to remember before organizing a party 
-Photos are great memories for kids. Check whether memory card has enough space and the batteries are charged fully
-Send party invitation to the kids before 2 weeks
-Order cake such that it is sufficient for all kids. Don’t forget to buy candles and matches
-Plan the party and games before one week to provide lots of entertainment for kids
-Give return gifts for kids such as party bags, watches, pencil box, chocolates, etc. They feel happy.

According to reports of famous event booking service, 70% of parents are spending about $300 and 14% of parents spending about $ 1000 dollars on their children’s party. Kid’s parties are not only meant for entertainment. They teach the kids lot of lessons for their life how to mingle with each other, how to speak with them, share knowledge, social behavior, good manners, etiquettes etc.

Author’s Bio:

Sam works in an event management company. He has conducted many parties for kids and elder. He suggests that the major role played in the kid’s party is from Kids party catering. Since, they cook tasty and delicious food as per the kid’s taste; it makes the party a huge success.

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