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Ways of Preserving the Quality of Your Leather Boots

>> Jun 6, 2013

It probably cost you a lot of time and most likely money to get those great pairs of shoes. You definitely cannot have those shoes forever but you could extend their service for as long as possible. Even if they eventually succumb to the effects of the long duration of service, you will have adequately gotten the best out of them. However, your lovely pairs don't have to be worn out before their time because there is something you can do about it.

Outlined below are some tips on looking after your beloved footwear.

Alternate the wearing

The obvious reason why your shoes wear out is because you are wearing them. If you have several pairs, it is advisable to avoid wearing the same pair for too long. If worn for long, the pair will succumb to wear at a faster rate. Alternating the pairs is a great idea because the shoes will wear slowly since they aren't worn frequently. That is why it also advisable to buy as many pairs as possible to avoid wearing out the shoes.

Use Some Waterproof

If you live in areas where it is often wet due to rain or snow, you will need to preserve your shoes by applying some water repellent on them. Water can never be good for shoes unless they are all-plastic. Keeping the water away from your shoes will definitely preserve them especially if they are leather, suede or any other material that is not water-friendly. Ensure that you clean them first if they are dirty before using a water repellent spray.

Store your shoes appropriately

You could use a shoe storage case to store them when you are not wearing them. Just ensure that you store them in a cool, clean and dry place. Avoid damp areas and too hot areas because they might cause the leather, if your shoes are leather , to crack and dry in a not so pleasant way. if they are wooden and stored in poor conditions, they are likely to warp and lose their shape. To prevent your shoes from losing their shape since you aren't going to wear them for some time, always stuff them with newspaper or cloth, it doesn't matter if they are wooden or not.

Clean your shoes the right way

Whether leather, suede or any synthetic material, your shoes need to be cleaned the right way to preserve the material. Use a suede cleaner for the suede, apply leather conditioner or leather cleaner on leather, use cloth and soapy water for the synthetic material or as directed by the manufacturer. The same way you take care of your skin to give it that healthy look, is the same way you will regularly need to clean your shoes to give the material that intact and perfect look.

Shoes can serve you for a long time if preserved well. You don't have to keep running to the store to buy new ones because they are wearing out quickly. Simply spend money on some great quality pairs and then take care of them if you intend to use them for a long time.

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