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Getting Professional Help When Injury Occurs

>> Jun 1, 2013

Injury can strike at any time and the road back to full recovery does not always rely solely upon pain killers. Sometimes, physical assistance is necessary, so read on to discover just how this works.

When injury strikes, act fast
Life barges along at a vastly accelerated rate compared to that of our grandparents' time. Trying to combine a balance between home, work and leisure is something we juggle to the best of our ability.
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Just trying to fit in essential exercise time is sometimes almost impossible. But, because we recognise the benefits of regular exercise, we do it in a haphazard fashion because time is limited. Any exercise undertaken when the muscles haven't been sufficiently warmed up and stretched can lead to injury. Helping recovery from these types of injury is where London occupational therapy can help.

Physiotherapy is a treatment that is specially tailored to the individual's needs. The gentle therapy of massage or exercise, or a combination of both, is extremely beneficial and exhibits proven results. In London occupational therapy centres are used on a regular basis not only by those who are suffering from injury, but those wishing to avoid it.

Building up muscle strength, especially in the core muscles of the abdomen, is a very valuable exercise and is achieved by way of regular pilates classes. The muscles will strengthen using this gentle and effective form of exercise, thus providing an excellent base on which to carry out other exercise.

Trained physiotherapists offering pilates sessions demonstrate the correct way to carry out the exercise, showing correct posture for optimum safety. Perhaps this is why pilates is so popular pre- and post-natally, when the muscles need a little help returning to their normal size.

Gentle therapy
If the injury makes bearing weight difficult, hydrotherapy is worthy of consideration. Hydrotherapy pools are wonderfully warm places, which is excellent for aching muscles in itself. However, combine this warmth with gentle exercise and you're onto a winner. The limbs are supported by the water through natural buoyancy, which assists the healing process very effectively. Aching joints relish the warm water and gain considerable relief at each session.

Acupuncture is somewhat controversial for some, but adverse comments should not lessen its effectiveness. Often, the controversy is built around a phobia of needles. This is understandable, as most people don't like to think too much about them and try and avoid blood tests and injections.

This is a shame, as acupuncture is a very successful therapy that brings relief to many people over a period of time whilst undergoing therapy. Fine needles are inserted into the body along the points of energy and lightly twisted. This stimulates the energy and vitality channels of the body and can also be used as a preventive measure even when no injury is present.

Recovery from an injury can be significantly accelerated if the correct professional help is sought. Time spent off work and away from doing the things you enjoy doing is such a waste, so seek advice, follow instructions and travel the fast and efficient road to physical recovery.

AUTHOR BIO: James Dix is a registered nurse who has retrained as a physiotherapist. He writes for a number of professional publications, websites and blogs, particularly those of
specialist London occupational therapy practices.

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