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What You Need to Check about Your Self Storage Provider

>> Jun 18, 2013

All of us acquire things – indeed, it is human nature to gather and ‘hoard’, as they say. Whilst most of us know that we have to dispose of certain items from time to time, there are just some items that are either too precious to give or throw away, and there are some items that we know we might need in the future.

But whilst there are plenty of self storage providers in your own locale, you can’t just settle for a provider which doesn’t meet your needs and qualifications. You need to know that they will give you premium service and will do their best to store and protect your belongings properly.

If you are looking for a self storage provider, there are some considerations to think about, as attested by Flexispace. Below are a few:

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Are they a member of a trade association or organisation?

The self storage provider should be a member of a trade organisation such as the Self Storage Association which ensures that each member follows standards set for building security, insurance, access, safety, and customer contracts. A self storage company which displays the SSA logo on their premises would be able to promise you best practices in the industry.

Do they have good security throughout the building and in the units?

The provider has to have advanced security equipment and systems in place. Look for various security features such as security fences, a surveillance system, 24/7 security services, and others. The perimeter of the property needs to be secure, and when it comes to access to individual units, only you should have the key.

Do they offer fixed, long-term contracts or offer flexible contracts?

Some of us may need self storage services for years, whilst others only need self storage facilities for a few months. If you can find a self storage provider which gives you a flexible contract and does not tie you down with complex paperwork, then you’ve made the right choice.  

Do they provide extra services and amenities?

The self storage provider should be able to give you further options and facilities. These would include transport solutions and a selection of packaging materials such as tapes, boxes, and bubble wrap which you can choose from.

Do they have good reviews or testimonials from past or existing customers?

One good way to verify the credibility and reputation of a self storage provider is by taking a look at their website. If they have a website (which is already a good sign), then you should be able to see testimonials and reviews from past or even existing clients.

Are their facilities clean and orderly?

This is an obvious consideration, but too often, we merely look at the surface aspects. Make a detailed inspection of the units and premises. Does everything look clean and orderly? Are there dusty or decrepit corners and floors that are not swept properly? Is there adequate temperature in the space, or is it too humid? We all know that humidity is the enemy of furniture and other items such as books and paintings. If the units are tidy and well-presented, then that could be a major selling point for the self storage facility.

When choosing a self storage service, it best to do ample research. Don’t settle for the first service that you come across – a little knowledge goes a long way.

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Staff Administrator June 19, 2013 at 11:22 AM  

ini semacam jasa penyedia untuk menitipkan barang2 gitu ya mbak Lin :)

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