Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

USGoBuy Helps International Buyers to Purchase Online Easily in the USA

>> Jul 26, 2015

Online shopping has become a hit in many places around the world. Especially in the USA, the related statistics stated that the biggest segment of total online earnings derive from online shopping stores in US.  Even some forecasts mentioned that online retail income in the USA would be tripled by the year 2016. It’s also a truth that lots of shoppers worldwide choose to shop online in the US for their reliable stores and good quality products.

Unluckily, conducting international shopping at any USA online store can face difficulties. Some of the most often conditions occur that may give problems to any international online shopper are:  
- The US online stores don’t deliver worldwide
- Too high international shipping fee
- The buyer’s credit card isn’t accepted by US stores
- The US merchants don’t send to parcel forwarder

In this case, USGoBuy has important roles since it offers services that can support buyers around the world to shop with no trouble at US online stores.
free us address
If it’s your first time to know about USGoBuy, let me explain a little about it here.  USGoBuy is a USA online shopping agent that provides consumers with excellent services called BuyForMe Service and Package Forwarding Service.

Whichever service you need to use, you would be only charged for the consolidated shipping fee.  In fact, the real shipping cost might be reduced up to 85% off shipping rates. The provided shipping cost calculator at the website will help you to calculate and consolidate the shipping cost to your country -based on the package’s dimension and original weight.

Below are two major services of USGoBuy:
-BuyForMe Service
This service should be chosen by any buyer whose the credit card isn’t accepted by US merchants. The personal shoppers from this online shopping agent will support you purchasing required products and then deliver them to any worldwide destination. 

Do you face such shopping problem? You can follow these four simple steps:
-Package Forwarding Service
This type of service should be applied by international buyers who want to shop at any US online store that doesn’t ship worldwide. This service also helps any buyer who would like to ship their packages from USA to worldwide destination at cheaper rate. Follow these four easy steps to start it:
parcel forwarding
Are you wondering how package forwarding service works? Check out these five simple steps for an international shopping that applies this service:
package forwarding
Starting from registering as a USGoBuy member for free, then getting your own US mail address automatically till shipping the packages in quick, secure, and cost-effective ways.

USGoBuy definitely offers benefits. Not only getting $5 USD off from opening a new account that valid if your total shipping cost minimal of $50; you can also benefit from Share and Get Money program that begins from July 13th to August 3th 2015. 
Sharing your pictures or videos with products that bought via this shopping agent to friends and relatives will give you opportunities to obtain $5 and $10 coupons. You can join this program by following accurately two steps that mentioned on the related page. 

Thus, don’t be hesitant to shop online in the US with using the service of a trusted shopping agency website like USGoBuy since it would give you a great help! 

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