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Tips for Organizing a Girls’ Birthday Party

>> Jul 13, 2015

Planning kids’ parties has always been a super-fun endeavor, especially if you have decided to do that on your own. However, what you need to know it that, no matter how amazing it actually is, organizing kids’ party can be extremely complex and frustrating endeavor for you need to constantly balance between your child’s wishes and the reality.

Believe it or not, most kids’ birthday planners and parents claim that it is always easier to throw a party for girls for there are numerous fun decisions to make. Girls’ parties are always full of sparkly details, gorgeous princess-like costumes and various colorful details. So, if you want to surprise your little angel, throw a birthday party of her dreams. Check out these tips on how to do that!

Involve your daughter in planning a party

What’s most amazing about throwing your kid’s birthday party on your own is that it can be overwhelming and fun for both you and your kid. Since kids are always fascinated with the tiniest things and events in their lives, it is highly recommended that you involve your daughter in planning her party.

For example, you could ask her to pick the theme she likes the most and to participate in choosing the costumes, food, invitations and other decoration-related stuff. Not only that your little princes will feel special and “grown up,” but you will also know that everything is planned in accordance with her taste.

How to choose the theme?

Choosing the birthday party theme is probably the most interesting, and yet trickiest part of this entire endeavor. After involving your daughter in plans and seeing what her wishes are, you need to pay attention to some other factors, such as the party venue and your budget. One of the most amazing and practical solutions for every parent is to throw a great and budget-friendly backyard birthday party.

Hello Kitty Party

If you want to throw a real girly girl party for your little princes, maybe you should consider the hottest trend in the last couple of years- Hello Kitty. Such parties are very popular, so you will easily find some additional explanations and examples bout the entire organization. Most importantly, this famed cat appears everywhere today, which means that you won’t have to worry about neither food nor space decoration. Its “logo” will heavily feature every segment of the party, such as invitations, cupcakes, costumes, napkins, balloons and many more.

Vintage Superhero Party

For all girls fascinated with super heroes, Superhero Party will be the best choice ever! In order to make your daughter’s party stylish and girly, maybe you should consider choosing some vintage costume and décor, in soft pink, purple and yellow hues. Apart from super-cool decorations, the costumes for a super hero party are always original. You could simply give out masks in different colors to all kids and they will wear them proudly. Believe us, if your little princess is a fan of superhero movies and cartoons, she will love her retro mask and cape!

Other super-fun ideas
All in all, as you could already realize, choosing a party theme depends on your and your child’s taste and wishes only. If your daughter is obsessed with the Disney characters, maybe you should check out The Little Mermaid, Minnie Mouse or Disney Princesses party themes. Since such themes are extremely popular, it will be super-easy for you to find the adequate costume and décor ideas.

In a recent conversation with the representatives of Fairy princess parties, we also found out that most parents resort to hiring an animator dressed as their daughter’s favorite character from the cartoon, who will make an entire party well-structured and amusing. On the other hand, if your daughter loves animals, you should also make her an adorable Zoo Party or gorgeous Little Cowgirl Party.

Throwing girls’ birthday party isn’t that simple at all. Apart from the above mentioned themes, you will also need to take special care about sending the invitations out, choosing refreshing drinks and foods that won’t spoil easily, and most importantly, staying within the budget all the time. However, once you do all this and see the precious smile on your little princess’ face, you will be 100% sure that it was totally worth it. So, unleash your imagination and enjoy!

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