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Indications to Replace Your Outdoor Blinds

>> Jul 20, 2015

Outdoor blinds wear out over time. But, when do you think is the best time to have them replaced? Here are some indications you need to watch out for.


Indications to Replace Your Outdoor Blinds 

Alana Southwell is a DIY improvement enthusiast, who has lots of experience in minor renovations, as well as arts and crafts. She shares her knowledge by providing content for blogs like All Weather Blinds. In this article, she shares some signs and indications that your outdoor blinds need replacements.
Outdoor blinds can be wonderful additions to any home while also serving a basic purpose. They come in varying styles and materials and differ in price and quality. But, all of them are generally the same – they wear out over time. Some parts of a blind may break like the strings and the slat, while others won’t even tilt.

Depending on the issue, an outdoor blind can be spared. However, there are these rare instances when there is nothing you can do but to replace them. If you ever notice any of these signs, then you might probably need to replace your outdoor blinds.


Blinds Won’t Turn or Rotate

At times, the blinds don’t turn or rotate. When this happens, you must not panic. You have to inspect it first, whether there is anything preventing the blind from rotating. If everything seems normal, try using some lubricating spray and apply it in small amounts while turning. If this doesn’t work, this can be an indication that you probably need to replace your blinds.


Blind Vanes Become Broken On One End

Regardless if this is new or not, a blind vane is always susceptible to damage, just like any other parts of an outdoor blind. When this happens once, you can fix it easily as there are lots of available repair kits on the market today. But if this occurs every now and then, then you must be alarmed. This is a sign of a possible damage in the mechanism, which can also become a potential danger to children.


Blinds Won’t Open

Vertical vinyl blinds that won’t open can be an indication that something is wrong. While this can be fixed by changing the vinyl vanes or checking whether the vertical slats are properly installed and are in the right position, sometimes, the damages are more than that. When this happens, repair expenses can get really high that the best thing that you can only do is to buy a new one. 

The Blind Vanes are No Longer Aligned

For vertical blinds, improper alignment is a very common issue. If you don’t want this to happen, you must not force the shades to open. This will only destroy the vanes. The right way to open this is to simply twist the vanes so as to keep them aligned. When this gets broken, consider this a very costly repair and you don’t want to spend more for this over and over again. So, the only thing you can do is to replace the entire outdoor blinds.

Bent Window Blind Slats

Among the disadvantages of aluminum window blind is that its slats will easily bend. And if there are any kids or pets at home, this can pose a serious threat. Basically, aluminum has this characteristic of retaining its shape when bent, so it is impossible to restore it back to its original shape. This only means you need to have a replacement.

Regardless if your outdoor blind is made of aluminum, plastic, cloth, or vinyl, these signs should tell you when to fix or replace your outdoor blinds. Not only will these spare you from spending time, money, and effort for any unnecessary repairs, this will also help you maximize the purpose of your outdoor blinds.

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Author: Alana Southwell
Alana is a DIY enthusiast, and she has plenty of experience in arts, crafts, and minor renovations. She currently provides content for AllWeather Blinds. If you want to get updates, follow her on Twitter: @Alana_Southwell

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