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Wondering How to Get Your Kids to Clean Their Rooms? This is the Way!

>> Jul 25, 2015

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For all of us with kids, it’s always a struggle to teach him important things about life, teach them manners and make sure they grow up capable people. One of the struggles in their early years is definitely the one where we try to teach them to clean after themselves. And while everything starts with a gentle tone at first, after the hundredth time it all turns to yelling and semi-nervous break downs.

All parents feel the need to impose some kind of order, which is normal. But it seems that this struggle is a real marry go around and everything repeats day after day after day until someone goes totally crazy (the parent, of course).

You’ve probably felt like giving up a million times but then you remember – it’s your job to instill basis for your little ones, to teach them everything they need to know, at least at that age. Everything they learn from you now, all the structure they are given in their early years will be something to rely on in years to come.
Here are some tips that will help you manage your current situation, at least a little:

1. Nothing is as bad as it seems
Children don’t respond well to orders. If you raise your voice or express anger, your children will connected such a banal thing as cleaning their room as the most difficult chore in the world, resenting it every step of the way. Further, they will fear you and that’s not really the end result you are after.
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For the first few times after you’ve told them to pick up the toys, do it with them, together. Play some music in the behind, something cheerful and light. You can all sing together and the kids will understand cleaning isn’t as terrifying as it appears to them. In time, explain it to them that you can’t assist them forever and tell them to treat cleaning of their space as yet another fun activity they do.

2. Set a good example
You know the saying “we are spitting images of our parents”? Well, it’s true. Maybe not always, but in majority of cases it’s painfully true. This is why you need to be clean yourself in order to have your child be clean and have a sense of duty about the space he uses. Also, let your child see that you have a positive attitude towards cleaning and never make a big deal out of it. The child will himself understand and even initiate cleaning as a part of their daily routine. For instance, when you have to clean, say things like “Ok, and now I’ll clean this mess, later I’ll do my workout and then we can watch a movie together!” As long as you work cleaning in a simple, everyday conversation as if it is just another thing to do, your kid will take it in the same way!

3. Let them be proud
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Children love awards for their work, no matter what it is. If you make sure they feel you are satisfied with what they’ve done by, say, saying “This space looks amazing!”, “Look how clean you’ve made it!”, “Bravo, you’ve done some great job here!”, etc. your child will be motivated to do it again and again and again.

4. Give your children clear instructions
Unlike adults, kids are way more thorough and serious about what they do. Yes, it does sound weird but it’s true. If you want your children’s room to be clean then be clear about what that really means. Make a check list that means รค clean room”. That way your kids will have a point of reference now and for the future.
A clean room usually means:
1. A made bed
2. Clean workspace
3. Toys in toybaskets
4. Laundry in hamper
5. Clothes hung up
6. The floors are vacuumed (for a bit older kids)

5. Be practical
Each of their things needs to have its place. Why wouldn’t these places be colorful bins and boxes that will further stimulate your kid and make the process more fun? Buy your kids some plastic crates so that they have where to place all their stuff. Also, be reasonable when it comes to your cleaning expectations. After all, they are just kids.

While teaching your children to make the bed or pick up the toys after themselves may appear as a trivial thing at first, it isn’t – it’s a base for everything that’s coming next in life. We hope our guide helped!

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