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Perfect Children Toys According to Their Age

>> Jul 18, 2015

Post TITLE by daveyboystoys.com.auWhen purchasing toys and gifts for children you need to be careful, as they tend to grow out of a certain toy trend quite quickly. Believe it or not there is quite a difference when buying something for an infant, a toddler or a seven year old child. Beside their age, their attitude and their behavior changes rapidly. Their brain develops and their needs get different than earlier. That is why it is crucial to choose smart and follow these steps on how to find an appropriate toy for your child.

Post TITLE by daveyboystoys.com.au
Infants And Small Babies (0-18 Months)

Newly born children or infants up to 6 months are all about movements and sound. They are fascinated with different kinds of visuals. You should also pay attention on their coordination. Some infant appropriate toys are certainly rattles, or any kind of toy that produces movement or colorful visuals. For babies that are a few months older these toys won’t do. It is because as they grow a few months older they begin to develop a sense of their surroundings, they are also able to hold smaller toys. This is also the time when they begin to experiment with colors, shapes and sizes. Some good toy ideas are definitely nesting cups, push and pull toys, ring on poll and similar.

Toddlers (18-24 Months)

This period of your child’s life is very important. At this age they begin exploring the world around them, they are interested in everything and want to learn everything. This is the time when they develop the most. It is best to seek toys that will make them think, solve problems and use their imagination. Also at this age they love to play ‘pretend’ and learn and imitate from the things they see. Plastic and stuffed toys are something that every toddler should have. In order to spark the artist in them use different kinds of blocks and puzzles. You could also think of purchasing their first instruments in order to develop a sense for music. Some learning to read books are always a good idea. There are no limits when it comes to toddlers, explore with them and learn with them.

Post TITLE by daveyboystoys.com.au Children From 2-4 Years

These are the years that precede the first school years. This is the time when they develop a sense of socialization and make their first friends. In this period it is crucial to spend a portion of the time outside and force them to be more active. A tricycle is a great gift for this age. Also something that boosts their creativity is quite important. Play Dough, crayons, their first Lego blocks are a great choice. At this age they are still exploring their surroundings and learning from what they see. Dress up dolls, tool and medicine kits, easy bake ovens, those are all super ideas from which you can choose.

Post TITLE by daveyboystoys.com.auChildren From 4-7 Years

This is a period where they learn the most. They are already enrolled in preschool and are getting ready for grade one. This is when you need to be careful. Yes it is the school’s job to teach them some specific things but it is your role as a parent to make them ready. Books about learning letters and numbers, farm animals and wild ones, some basic knowledge that every child should have. Some fun toys that you child will definitely enjoy are pop vinyl figures Australia where you can buy your child a figurine that depicts their favorite cartoon character, movie or comic book character.

The most important thing to keep in mind when buying toys for children is to be creative and to purchase something that will spark their creativity too. You need to think about buying something that will be useful for them and develop their brain in the ages they need it the most. It is also important to give them gifts that don’t have materialistic but spiritual value. That means words of encouragement, honesty, self esteem and of course unconditional love. These are the gifts they will cherish and remember for the rest of their lives. Be smart but also be generous and your children will truly appreciate the effort you made.

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Mang_Lembu July 19, 2015 at 1:46 PM  

mainan anak-anak memang harus di sesuaikan dengan usia si anaknya tersebut, jangan sampai mainan yang diberikan pada anak-anak tidak sesuai dengan usianya yang bisa mengakibatkan hal-hal buruk kelak

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