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Ankle Sprains: Parent's Role in Treatment, Recovery and Return to Play

>> Jul 25, 2015

Perhaps one of the biggest fears kids have nowadays is not that they are going to break something in their bodies, it is that they will have no option to run around and to do what they love doing the most, playing outside. However, some common injuries are just more serious than others, and sprained ankles are no cakewalk in the park for neither child nor adult. Though, keep in mind that for children it could be more problematic as it can interfere with how their feet develops and grows.  

What causes ankle sprains?
 Ankle Sprains: Parent
Usually ankle sprains are caused when you tear a ligament in your ankle, and usually it happens in any possible scenario. Though it might be painful, and it might feel like your ankle has broken. For children it is going to be more excruciating, as they might not know what is going on, and it could really hurt them. Though, as a common injury it can be healed in a short while, and it will not be permanent, which is why it should be tended to immediately, so that your children do not have time to panic and possibly cause more harm.

Can they take the pain?
Parents should not be too protective of their children when it comes to common injuries, especially with sprains, because it is going to hurt, but it will soon pass. Though in some cases it will be necessary to give your children painkillers, and you should always consult with a doctor beforehand so that you do not overdose. However, it is never a good idea to reach for chemicals whenever you or your children are in pain, it could form a mild addiction, and it could halt your body’s natural defenses against such things.  

Handling simple and common injuries
It is important that you always carry a first aid kit if you have a child who is doing sports, so that you can immediately help, even if it is not your kid. It will be advisable that you first check out what you need to do, and how to apply the things in your kit so that you do not cause any more damage. Keep in mind that you should finish a course on first aid if you want to be really helpful, so that you know exactly what to do, and how to comfort the child until you go and visit the doctor’s.

Treatment at home
Even though you might have to take your child home and take care of it there, it will be very important that you think about all the physio supplies your doctor will prescribe. And it is vital that you make sure that there is everything, or you might see a worsening in your child’s condition, and you are working on doing the opposite. Moreover, make sure not to take it on yourself to cure and mend something you might not understand, it is important to follow doctor’s orders so that you know what to do next.

Returning to play will take some time

 Ankle Sprains: Parent
Remember that after a while muscles and tendons get stiff if they are not used, which is why you should let your kid get back to sports and playing outside gradually and not immediately. Though, it will be needed to do some initial exercises which will help ease back into using their hurt ankle once more. If you are unsure how to go about it, make sure to ask your local pediatrician so that you do not cause any possible damage.  

Taking care of your child is never easy
Keep in mind that as a parent you will always want what is best for your kid, but sometimes, this primal instinct might take things too far. You need to stay leveled, think with a cool head, and make sure that you do everything your doctor tells you, so that you help your kid’s sprained ankle heal up faster. As it is a common injury, there is nothing to worry about, and if you follow orders accordingly, everything will be good in a little while, and your kid can quickly get back to doing sports or running outside.  

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