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Unique Ways to Improve the Garden

>> Jul 10, 2015

People take pride in their gardens. However, there isn’t much variety these days. Discover secret ways to improve your garden by reading these tips.

Unique Ways to Improve the Garden 

Mark is a renowned expert on property inspection. He’s currently the content lead of Safe and Sound Property Inspections. In this article, he talks about various ways to improve one’s garden.

These days, there isn’t much originality when it comes to gardens. People usually just copy from their neighbours or check the internet for what’s trending. If you want to add drama to your garden and divert from the norm, check out some of our suggestions below.

Stone Paths

These are really cool and rather simple to build. They add a traditional and earthly look to the garden. First, you’ll need to layout the path. As soon as you have decided on a path, determine if you want to create elevated steps or simply a flat surface with stones along sand. Elevated steps, like in the image below, are great if your garden is on a lower or higher elevation than the house. Otherwise, a simple stone and sand path would suffice.

You can also go with simple gravel paths. These are even easier to setup and don’t cost as much.

Garden Shed

Not all gardens have sheds. People don’t often see them as having any other use except for storage. On the contrary, garden sheds help to personalize garden spaces and improve the overall appeal of the garden with its own design. Garden sheds are available in the market and can also be done with the help of DIY kits and tutorials.


There are tons of things you can do with a patio.

Garden Room

If you’ve got a thing for enclosed spaces, you can invest in a garden room. Having an extra room not adjoining the house is great. You can use it as an outdoor gym or hold parties there. If you want peace and quiet, you can even turn it into a cosy home office. If there are lots of kids in the family, you can also turn it into an entertainment hub and fit it with its own fridge, pool tables, board games and the like.

Dining Area

For those prefer open spaces, the patio would work great as a second dining area. You can fill the patio with gravel and get a dining set that is built for outdoor use. If you opt to cement and tile the area, that would also work.

Lounging Area

We’ve also seen some patios that feature only benches and chairs. Fresh air abounds in the garden and if it’s quiet in your neighbourhood, it would make the perfect place to simply relax or read a book.

Theme and Ornaments

Focusing on a theme is something not often done in gardens. Sure, there are those that have tulip gardens, orchards and the like. The theme there is clustering the same plants together. Another way to go about it is to put an actual “theme” in place like Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, Shrek, Transformers and the like. You can easily do this by buying ornamental figurines and spreading them all over the garden. We’ve seen all sorts of gardens that have different ornaments like angel statues, a shark protruding from the soil, mushroom houses, gnomes and the like. Let your imagination run free and you’ll be surprised what you get.

There are tons of simple and challenging things you can do with your garden. One thing to consider though is if the changes could possibly ruin some aspects of the property. If you haven’t given this some thought, you should consider getting property inspection. Doing this helps you assess if the changes you are planning are feasible. Things that could be discovered include termites hiding in trees, poor topsoil for gardening, buried plumbing in the way of the shed and the like. These are only some examples of the potential problems property inspection can detect.

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Author: Mark Brandon

Handy Dandy Guy and is extremely career-focused and family-oriented. He is also a DIY builder with plenty of experience in home renovation and inspection. Whenever he learns something new, he shares it online through blogs hoping to help folks. If you have any questions, you can reach him via Google+.Twitter

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Mang Lembu July 10, 2015 at 3:16 PM  

saya paling suka berimajinasi dengan taman kecil saya diberanda rumahku yang butut hingga walaupun sederhana tapi dimata saya sendiri mah keren dan unik, beda tiis deh sama gambar garden di gambar mah..hehe

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