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Get Organized For Family Vacations

>> Jul 7, 2015

Family vacations are always a great way to reconnect with your loved ones, enjoy and relax. However, unless your family vacation is well planned out, there may be some frustration and frazzle, with your family longing for their comfort of home, peace and quiet.

To avoid such unpleasant situations, prepare properly this year! Whether it's plane travel, car trips, or close-to-home "stay-cation" trips, we've put together a list of things you should think about before embarking on your family adventure!

What To Do Before You Go?
All good trips start before the engine’s started. Meaning, just after you’ve picked out your location and chose the date of your travel, you should start slowly preparing for the adventure ahead of you.

This means taking into consideration all potential mishaps that can happen. If you are traveling with kids (and we are assuming you are) you will need to be extra careful and cautious.

Here are some things to do before you hit the road:

Set up a Travel Central
This basically means deciding on one place where all of your travel information, travel documents and maps will be put at. This is how at border lines you won’t have to sweat trying to find all the documentation.

Include contact information for airlines, travel agents, car rental agencies, passport and frequent flyer numbers. It would be good to have contact information and address of the hotel you are staying at in there, too.

Pack as light as possible
And while you want to look stunning every single day while at your vacation, and you want your kids to have cute changes of outfits, truth is you’ll be needing probably half of what you’ve initially planned to pack. After all, it’s a vacation! You aren’t walking a fashion show in Paris, but going away for a chill time with your family.

Pack the necessary items like clean changes of underwear, a few summer dresses for you, a few shorts-and-shirts combinations for your hubby and your kids’ favorite items. Naturally, you’ll bring swimsuits too, beach towels and other beach items you need and that’s that. Remember, when traveling, less is more!

Bring your first-aid and personal care kits
Even though you are traveling to a place that probably has a pharmacy at every corner, it’s important you pack medication you know some of your family members might need. This involves allergy medication and such similar aids.

A personal care kit for each family member is a must. However, don’t pack all products you use at home. Bring big-sized bottles of shampoo, shower gel, lotion and sun block. All family members will wash from those packs, no need to pile up.

Pack food
Just before you go, pack some food and snacks for the road and keep them somewhere close. Both you and your little ones may get hungry or thirsty while traveling, so it’s smart to have some solid food with you, sweets and snacks. Fresh bottled water and juice boxes are necessary too.
Plus, don’t forget to pack some wet wipes!

What To Do On The Road?
Depending on how long your trip is going to be, and assuming you are traveling by car, you need to think of the entertainment for the road.
If it were only you and your hubby, things would be pretty easy. But, your little ones will want to have their fun while traveling and the best thing to do is, well, indulge them.

·         Come up with a game plan
The best way to banish backseat boredom without much effort is to keep your kids occupied with games. Some of the awesome games to play are I Spy, Road Trip Bingo, License Plate Game… and plenty similar ones.

·         Bring books
If your kids are old enough to read, bring their favorite book to read while driving to the gorgeous landscapes of the countries you are driving through. If they don’t like to read, you can always bring their tablets.

·         Music matters
Everything is better and easier with music on!  Play your children’s favorite music artists on your Pioneer car stereo and let the fun begin. There are probably so little things in this world as cute as hearing your children sing along to their favorite songs and get almost all the lyrics wrong!

We have hopefully helped you get an idea of what family vacation preparations should be like. We hope you’ll enjoy every single moment of your time spent with your loved ones!

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