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3 Options for Photos at Your Wedding

>> Dec 12, 2016

Given that today's age of digital technology is at its fore front we embrace this new freedom to take multiple pictures at once and store them in an almost unlimited capacity. This being quite the change from what most people remember when we had to pick and choose our photos carefully as the cost of film and develop the photos was outrageous by today's standards. This can be however a double edged sword in that with so many people being able to take a photo with any cell phone these days it can be cause for a few unexpected negative results at events like weddings.

There are three basic mindsets when deciding on how to want photos at your wedding to be taken. The first and most common is the traditional idea about letting everyone at the wedding takes pas many photos as they wish. This idea is great in that everyone there gets to feel like they are taking part in the ceremony. People love to be able to take a selfie next to a giant wedding cake and of course get photos of those funny moments you don’t expect. Another good aspect of this idea is that there is a huge amount of photos to record the event. It is sometimes the case where a professional wedding photographer did not take photos of special moments such as the ring exchange and the first kiss. The bride and groom also get to feel extra special as they are the centre of attention for the whole day and feel extra special by answering the numerous requests to have photos with the guests.

There are however a couple downsides to letting everyone takes as many photos as they wish. One unexpected downside is that guests may unintentionally ruin the photographs being taken by the professional wedding photographer. Even though their intentions are well meaning it can be something as simple as a flash that ruins a professional photo. Also guests are prone to getting in the way and bumping the photographer while they are taking a picture. Also another drawback to the technological times we live in is that social media can also have an effect on the reveal of wedding photos that people don’t like. Many brides want to be the first one to show photos of her wedding on social media. With careful consideration into the album she will choose the best photos that she wants to be the initial representation of her wedding record. This in a way steals a bit of the show when it is time to publically release photos of the occasion.

The second mindset when it comes to photos is kind of a blend of our first idea and out third. In that the common method that is not gaining in popularity is the addition of a hashtag to all photos shared online. When you ask your guests to always add a certain hash tag (usually the names of the people getting married) you will at least have some control over the photos being shared. As we know that not many wedding guests are great at photography it would be a great way to make sure that the photos you didn’t like of your wedding are not being spread around social media. This method has a couple of drawbacks and that is as we mentioned before about how guests can interfere with professionals and there will also be a lot of photos floating around that you probably won't like and will have to spend time sorting them out.

The third option which is gaining in popularity however is the least common is the “unplugged wedding”. This kind of wedding has the bride and groom ask that all phones and cameras not be used to record the event. It is a bit controversial however there is some good advantages to this method. First off the wedding guest really get the chance to be in the movement as they do not have to worry about looking down a camera as they try and get a perfect shot. When this is done people can really enjoy the splendor and atmosphere of the occasion. This leads to a better enjoyment of the wedding for the guests and it also cleans up the mess of having several people constantly taking photos at every important part of the wedding. By leaving the photos in the hands of the professionals you make sure that all the photos are great. And the record of your wedding on social media is totally controlled by you.

As you have many things to consider when planning your wedding be sure to remember that these photos are going to be some of the most valuable that you own. You may not want to run the risk of people publishing wedding photos you don’t like so take the time to consider which one of these three options you like the best.

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do u have any idea how to plan honey moon?

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