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Every Student’s Basic Guide for NEET Preparation

>> Dec 6, 2016

If you are aspiring for one of the top colleges in India for MBBS/BDS courses, you have to start preparing for the National Eligibility Entrance Test. The National Eligibility Entrance Test or NEET is conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education and is taken each year. Here are some of the fast facts and preparation tips that may come handy.

Basics at a glance

Candidates applying for NEET-UG should be of at least 17 years of age, with an upper limit set to 25 years. There is a five-year relaxation period for candidates belonging to SC, ST and OBC categories. To qualify for the entrance test, students must secure a minimum of 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology in aggregate. Also, the students must pass all the three subjects along with English separately. NEET-UG exam has replaced the All India Pre Medical Test and other state-arranged exams. Usually, NEET-UG exam is conducted in the month of May or June, and the questions are mainly based on Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. There are a total of 180 multiple-choice questions, which must be completed in three hours. Every right answer will fetch four marks, while wrong answers will deduct one mark each.

Getting prepared
     Start with planning
Ideally, aspirants should start preparing for NEET-UG examination right after Class 10. This is one of the toughest undergraduate exams in the country, and one must plan the available time rightly, as Class 12 exams also need attention. It is best to start with at least three hours of self-study each day, which will help in keeping the pace for the crucial months.
     Make notes
Having notes of the main topics, formula and concepts can be amazingly handy before the exam. Right from Class 11, you should keep notes for all the three subjects separately. The syllabus often in sync with the higher secondary curriculum, so paying attention to teachers in school/junior college can prove to be fruitful. Also, you should start making a notebook for all the chapters and segment that you find difficult or have missed, so that the revision/learning process is easier.
     Schedule each week
Even the two years available for NEET-UG examination is less, considering that the pattern and syllabus is really tough. It is best that you start planning each week. Instead of keeping timelines in your mind, make a written chart for each week, so that you can spread the time between three subjects. Keep a few hours on the weekend for revision, and if there are chapters and subjects that you don’t understand, you can keep some time to clear the doubts.
     Seek professional help
There are many apps, websites and coaching centers that can help in getting started with NEET. Do not underestimate the power of professional help, which can be immensely beneficial in knowing the basic ways to save time. You can check questions, problems and answers on many apps and can even check the neet application form 2017 bytoppr.com.  A regular coaching institute can offer the right track to learn more in less time, given that you have to focus on certain important chapters and segments.
     Don’t miss mock test papers
Most students appearing for NEET-UG examination have their concerns over managing time in the exam. Effectively, you have just one minute for each of the questions, and therefore, time management remains a reason to worry. One of the best way to test your skills is to take mock test papers. You can take these exams online on certain apps or just buy printed test papers available in the market. 
     Keep stress and guessing at bay
If you are unsure of an answer, just leave the question. Wrong answers can be damaging to your performance in a big way, given that there is negative marking. Also, you have to learn ways of managing stress. Do not panic a month before the exam. Keep in mind that you are your best competition. Don’t look at your friends for knowing their preparation. You aim is to do the best you can, both before and during NEET.

If you can be regular and dedicated with your studies, clearing NEET should be easier than you think!

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