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How to Lose Weight after You Stop Breast Feeding

>> Dec 7, 2016

Have you started to notice more of a bulge since you stopped breastfeeding? While weaning our babies, we need to consume more calories, so when this period ends our calorie needs plummet and many women find themselves picking up weight. This is why it's important to reassess your lifestyle after breastfeeding to ensure you stay on track. Here are six simple ways to keep the weight off and get your post-baby body back on track.

1. Get Active With Your Baby's Stroller


Push that post baby weight gain into the past by taking advantage of your baby’s stroller. Use your daily walk with your city select double stroller to get a fun and effective full body workout. From walking or lunges, there are tons of other ways you can incorporate your baby's stroller into your exercise routine. From squats to a single arm chestpress, there are countless ways to get fit while taking your newborn out for a stroll on the town.

2. Hit The Swimming Pool
Besides keeping the weight off, one of the other main concerns for breastfeeding mothers is the effect it has on their breasts. Luckily, there are breast exercises you can do after pregnancy to build up your chest muscles. One of the best ways to do this is to start swimming. Breaststroke will shape your bustline while toning up your whole body. Your pectoral muscles will get a solid workout and give your breasts a firm foundation to return to their perky former selves.

3. Drop Your Excess Weight By Lifting Your Baby

Training with weights is one of the best ways to speed up your metabolism and tone your muscles. But instead of hitting the gym right after the weaning period, use your baby instead. Hold your newborn to your chest and do lunges, lie on your back and slowly press your baby towards the ceiling, or do lunges behind your city select double stroller on your daily walk. Exercising with your baby is the perfect way to bond while still reaping the benefits of an effective routine.

4. Connect With Other Moms

Getting back into the routine of exercise after giving birth can be a daunting task. Without people to hold you accountable it can be all too easy to make up excuses about why you can't go to the gym. A fun way around this is to connect with other mums and join a group fitness class. Whether it's pilates, spinning or a morning run, having other women around to encourage you will help you keep off that post breastfeeding weight gain.

5. Load Up On Water


It’s no secret that drinking water has loads of health benefits. It prevents you from getting dehydrated, keeps your skin looking great, fills you up between meals and it speeds up your metabolism. To shed that baby weight make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day. Use the colour of your urine as a guide, it should be relatively clear and you should be going to the bathroom every three to four hours.

6. Get Your Diet Back On Track

As a new mum, being showered with homemade meals and indulgent desserts can make it tough to have self-control. But getting your diet under control after breastfeeding is key to keeping the weight off. To avoid deficiencies that are common after pregnancy, don't avoid any food group. Now is the time to eat them all - in moderation. Limit your fat and sugar intake and stock up on low-fat milk and keep high-fiber snacks like figs or raisins to fill up and help with digestion.

There you have it. Stop making excuses, stop feeling dissatisfied with your body and squeeze in that quickie workout. Whether it's with your baby, your friends or a session in the pool there are numerous ways to keep your post-breastfeeding weight at bay.

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