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How to grow long and thick hair eye lashes with Latisse

>> Dec 15, 2016

If my eyes are windows to my soul I would love them to say it all time, eye lashes are very important for every girl,  longer and thicker they are, adds more to their beauty.

Latisse is a perfect solution to this and you can read reviews of Latisse for this, people might be confused about how does this really works? How can you grow your eye lashes and even make them stronger and thicker? Well then here I will be answering you this in detail.
How does it work?

Latisse is basically a solution and it helps the people to increase their length, thickness and even color of the eye lashes.

Latisse consists of an active ingredient called Bimatoprost which helps the eye lashes to grow stronger and thicker. And according to the products official information, they say that this directly works on your anagen phase (where hair follicle is active and that enables the growth) of the eyelash hair cycle.

People who have longer anagen can easily grow their eye lashes longer but people who have shorter anagen are not able to do so, for them bimatoprost is the best thing to go for as it boosts the anagen and enables it to grow longer. Latisse contains about 0.3 per cent of bimatoprost , when you apply it on your eye lashes the drug quickly spreads on your lower eye line and within 2 months you will start seeing effects of it on your eye lashes.

The study been conducted on it-

There have been many studies conducted on this and the results are most of the time positive, the product is tested on about 278 patients for about 4 months and around 80 percent of the people experienced a growth in their eye lashes and everyone experienced them to be even more stronger then before and the few people experienced them to be even more darker than before.

These participants were highly satisfied with this product, it is even safe to use it and it serves your purpose right away.

The cost of the latisse is also cheap as it only costs about 120 dollars, but hey long beautiful eye lashes? Don’t they tempt you? It is the best and easy way to make them grow and to make yourself look beautiful and eye catching.

Latisse is the best and essay way to grow longer and thick and even darker eye lashes, they are easy and just in maximum 4 months you will be able to see all the positive results on your eye lashes.

It is trusted and best reviewed, you may notice about 25 percent of your eye lashes have been grown and now they are even more black and looks perfect. 

All you have to do is apply the solution properly on your eye lashes and wait and have patience to see all your desired and positive results on them sooner.
Thank you.

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