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Teachergive Sale 2023

Top Five Premium Range Puma Running Shoes for Discerning Shoppers

>> Dec 22, 2016

Early morning jogging or walking is the favorite exercise of those who would like to stay fit. This is valid for all age groups. Although, there are other ways of keeping fit like joining a gym or doing yoga, some people just prefer either brisk walking or jogging. This is because it is convenient for them. However, to have an excellent exercise while brisk walking or running, it is important that you have a good pair of running shoes. When selecting a pair of running shoes, it is necessary for you to conduct the due diligence exercise and not settle for anything you set your eyes on. Given below are the top 5 premium ranges of Puma running shoes.

            1.      The Puma Ignite : among the most popular Puma running shoes at Myntra

Available in several color options, the second version of Puma Ignite contains a mesh and a tongue both of which ensure that it fits snugly on the foot. Thanks to the silicone print on the inner heel of the shoe this shoe secures the leg and eliminates it’s slipping. What is more, the forefoot flex feature provides a smoother ride to the user. Additionally, the Ever Track technology used in this shoe increases its durability.  All said and done, this is the best pair of shoes used for normal training purposes. It has a weight of 272 grams (male) and 227 grams (female). It has a heel to toe drop of 12mm in both the men’s and woman’s versions.
            2.      The Puma Faas 300 : one of the best Puma running shoes at Myntra

The Puma Faas 300 is another widely used premium Puma shoe for competitions and marathons by both men and women. Even on wet roads, this shoe gives an excellent grip so that athletes can use them in all seasons. Its AirMesh upper enables the foot to breathe without any problems. Its no-sew overlays enhance the structural fitting of the upper portion of the shoe. With 360 degrees reflectivity and lightweight construction, this shoe can be used in any type of terrain.

            3.      The Puma Faas 500 S : light weight yet sturdy

At a weight of 215 grams (female) (male 255 grams), this shoe is well balanced and offers a springy feel to the user, thanks to its Faas foam+ technology. Its anti-bacterial mechanic sock liner is the favorite of many runners. Its Ever Track technology protects it from wear and tear. As if not all this is enough, in the forefoot area, it has flex grooves, which give it flexibility and adequate natural movement. Thanks to its balanced nature, stability mechanics give a controlled and excellent performance as far as the user is concerned.

            4.      The Puma Faas 500 : Puma running shoes at Myntra getting rave reviews

This shoe is useful for normal training. The Faas 500 is a light weighted running shoe that is suitable for running on roads. It offers runners protection, comfort and a smoother ride. Best for uptempo training and daily training, this shoe has an overall reflective overlay which gives it added safety when it is used on low visibility. If someone is looking for running shoes that offers great cushioning properties at the same time being light in weight, then the Puma Faas 500 is the shoe to go to. All said and done, this shoe is the best shoe for all round running of all types.
            5.      The Puma Mobium Elite Speed : for the discerning sporty few

The Puma Mobium Elite Speed version 2 has extremely durable construction on the back of a great style and design. The expansion pods in the mid sole give extra flexibility, protection, and cushioning to the shoe. With light EverRide+ technology used in its making this shoe gives better traction and sets it up for a smooth toe-off.  It is very comfortable to wear. This shoe is a godsend for all mid-foot running fans thanks to its expansion pods. The midsole and outsole have podular construction right from the arch through to the forefoot. 

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