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The 4 Best Family Shows to Watch this Christmas

>> Dec 14, 2016

In the Philippines, affordable TV is a huge deal particularly because the Filipino people love to watch TV. In fact, most of their past time involves watching their favorite shows and movies with their friends and family.

For sure, they will be celebrating Christmas and the rest of the holidays gathering all their loved ones in one place so they can have a movie marathon to watch family-friendly shows.

If you are planning on organizing one but has yet to decide which shows and films you could watch, then you may want to consider this list:

A Charlie Brown Christmas
Photo Courtesy: newdurhamchapel.org
This animated TV special is based from the “Peanuts” comic strip. It was written by Charles M. Schulz, directed by Bill Melendez, and produced by Lee Mendelson.
It follows the story of Charlie Brown, who finds himself feeling depressed despite the upcoming holidays. Lucy, who is friends with Charlie, has suggested for him to direct a Christmas-themed play to chase his blues away. However, his friends were not quite taken with the idea and ended up ignoring and bullying him. 

This show’s theme touches on secularism and over-commercialism of Christmas – reminding viewers of its true meaning.

Polar Express
Photo Courtesy: Moviepostershop.com
This Christmas 3D movie has been adapted from Chris Van Allsburg’s novel of the same name. Its story follows a young boy, who finds himself doubting Santa Claus’ existence. He finds himself riding a train named as the Polar Express on one Christmas Eve. There he met all sorts of different characters including a hobo, who claims he is King of the North Pole and the train’s owner.

Watch this film with your family and learn that the phrase “seeing is believing” is not always true.

Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Photo Courtesy: vaultcraft.net
This is a classic children’s tale about Christmas that will surely warm your heart. It is about the Grinch, who was an outcast of a town called “Whoville,” and Cindy Lou, a young girl who became interested in the Grinch’s history.

The Grinch decided “to steal” Christmas away from Whoville by burning down their town’s Christmas tree and taking all their presents away – thinking that it would make all the town people miserable just like himself. But by the end of the film, he finally understood the real meaning of Christmas – making his heart grew three times bigger.

Find out what he learned in the end by watching this film with your kids.

Home Alone
Photo Courtesy: impawards.com
Home Alone is one of the most popular Christmas movies there is that you can watch. It is about a young boy named Kevin McCallister, who lives with several of his relatives. Due to unfavorable circumstances between him and his brother, he wishes to be alone instead of being surrounded with his family. He wakes up in the morning finding that his wish has come true; he was left alone in their home while his family went to a holiday without him unknowingly.

Kevin ends up having to defend himself and his house from two crooks, who wants to break inside of their home.

This comedy movie is a classic Christmas film that will not only have you and your family in tears because of too much laughing and on how it touches on the importance of having a family (especially during the holidays).

Go ahead and have a marathon of these films during your Christmas break. For sure, they will bring you and your family some holiday cheers!

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A 22-year-old graduate of multimedia design, DIY enthusiast, make-up lover and has a love-hate relationship with desserts. I dream to be soon one of the known bloggers.

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