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How to Set Up a Romantic Bathroom Environment

>> Dec 5, 2016

Bathrooms are becoming more and more luxurious and spa-like in modern day design.  These designs make them feel more like an extension of a home’s living space rather than a utility room for hygiene.  Many even have a touch of the romantic already built in, but not all homes are sporting these designs just yet.  Many of us have “regular” bathroom spaces and are not exactly in the market to invest in an expensive bathroom renovation, but that doesn’t mean that our ordinary bathroom can’t be transformed into a romantic retreat.  Here are a few easy and inexpensive tricks to turn your bathroom into a sensual getaway for you and your partner.

1. Keep It Clean!

Nothing sours a romantic mood quicker than soap scum or hair in the drain, so take the time to break out the scouring powder and bathroom sprays to give every fixture and floor tile a good cleaning.  Don’t stop at just cleaning, though.  Lotion bottles, toothpaste tubes, and other clutter taking up space on flat surfaces can be an unnecessary distraction when trying to set a romantic mood, so make sure everything has a place.  If you don’t have extra drawer or cabinet space for these everyday essentials, then a strategically placed decorative basket or two will contain the mess and give an extra touch of elegance to your bathroom. 

2. Scent Appeal

Starting with a thorough cleaning should eliminate any unwanted bathroom odors, which sets the stage for finding just the right scent to set the mood.  Roses are often associated with romance, but strong floral fragrances are not a favorite for everyone, so personalize your scents to reflect what you and your partner like.  Lavender, sandalwood, and vanilla scents all bring a relaxing aroma to a romantic space, and you can permeate your room in a number of ways.  Candles are one of the most obvious options, but reed diffusers, wax warmers, and even certain air freshener brands have also become very popular in recent times because they can be elegant as much as practical. 

3. Flattering Light

Standard bathroom lighting is usually very bright, which is not ideal for a romantic bathroom getaway.  A small lamp with a soft glow placed on the counter or a sturdy shelf can add just enough light to see each other without being overpowering.  Candles are also ideal to create an intimate lighting scheme.  Tiny votives combined with tall pillar candles create drama and elegance around the bathtub.  If you can’t find an elegant candle with a scent you like, then opting for the unscented variety will bring the ambience without competing with your signature fragrance.

4. Mood Music

Background noises can easily be eliminated with the perfect soundtrack for romance.  Soft jazz or soothing instrumental music are superb for setting that romantic mood, but no matter your preference, you don’t have to have a built in sound system to fill your space with sensual sound.  Bluetooth technology allows for small wireless speakers to be placed inconspicuously and controlled from your smart phone, so you and your partner can enjoy your personal playlist for romance without fiddling around with CDs, repeat settings, or extension cords. 

5. Romantic Touches

Once you have your romantic environment arranged, you can focus on finding products to pamper each other.  Bubbles add playfulness to a steamy bath while rose petals can be scattered for a bit of elegance.  Lotions and aromatherapy oils are both relaxing and sensual and those packaged in fancy bottles or jars will sit pretty amongst lighted candles.  Keeping that warm and cozy feel both inside and outside the tub is important, so spreading out a plush bath rug and setting out extra fluffy towels prevents the chill of cold floors once stepping out of your tub retreat.  Splurging on a heated towel bar might be a nice addition to your romantic environment, too.

Using a little bit of ingenuity and creativity can transform any ordinary bathroom into a private retreat so that you and your partner can enjoy intimate time together without breaking the bank.  Top it off with your favorite bottle of bubbly and maybe even a little chocolate, and your perfect romantic bathroom space is ready for date night. 

This post was offered by Jon Reyes from Steam and Shower UK, Jon is an expert writer in the health and fitness niche and has been writing and studying topics like this one for over 10 years.

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