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Selecting a Portable Water Filter For Home

>> Dec 14, 2016

As concerns for tap water safety keep rising, manufacturers have seen a new source of generating income and have introduced a substantial amount of water filtration products. Filters for the home can be used on regular water taps to remove contaminants.

But before you purchase a water filter, there are several details you need to put into consideration such as:

The Best Kind of water filter: Of all portable drinking water filters in the home, a majority of experts swear by the reverse osmosis water filter. The reverse osmosis filter captures the highest spectrum of contaminants when you compare it to the rest of the water filters available today. 

Quality Filter: The essential part! You will be drinking the water passing through the filter, and it’s important you get top notch designs that will not leak allowing any unfiltered water to pass through. Seek information regarding the quality of the filter such as the warranty, craft and the materials used. Always go for the best!

Maintenance and Filter Changes: Always look for a portable filter system that you can replace with ease. The easier the changes, the less amount of money you have to spend. Select a filter that you change once or twice maximum in a year. Filter sizes should be the industry standard and reasonably priced.

Costs, Quality and Service: RO filtration systems are the cheapest systems, however, not highly recommended as not all manufacturers observe quality.

Prices shouldn’t be the determining factor while getting a quality filter but always look for locally manufactured filtration methods that offer longer warranties, and you can reach the via phone, email and also physically should you have a complaint.

What To Search for in an RO System: Always go for a system that has quality parts and has been certified. A filtration system with quality materials and artistry. A five stage RO system makes it simpler for filters to last longer, thus guaranteeing the water’s quality.

Reverse Osmosis Filter Arrangement: For portable reverse osmosis filter systems, ensure that it’s custom fit with three pre-filters. They should be installed before the reverse osmosis membrane. The membrane comprises of two carbon blocks and one sediment filter.

The purity level of the water is pegged on membrane’s condition. Ensure that the membrane is well protected. The kind of carbon is also necessary. Solid carbon blocks are the most ideal since they don’t have any leaks and last a bit longer.

Trustworthiness: Other than the filtration system, the reliability of the supplier is paramount as well. You will use the system for years to come, and you should work with a vendor that will extend technical support to you.

If you’re purchasing the portable filtration system online be cautious as many suppliers have outrageous claims without strong support. Some unusual warranties (5-10) years long should also be frowned upon as they come with conditional meaning.

They demand that you produce proof of proper system maintenance before you get covered by such warranties.

Finally, compare reviews from other users that have bought the portable filtration system you’re seeking to buy and see how they have been fairing on.

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