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Five Top Orlando Attractions That Tourists Should Not Miss

>> Aug 18, 2017

Of the 133 million visitors that Florida attracted in 2016, over 68 million visited Orlando to get a taste of its myriad tourist attractions like Disney World, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando, and more. Some of the top attractions for which people not only from America but also from all parts of the world come to Orlando:

Disney World
Perhaps one of Orlando’s most enduring tourist attractions, Disney World ranks at the top of the list of virtually every tourist arriving in Orlando. The entire family cannot help but be enthralled by the delights of the different zones inside; Magic Kingdom, Epcot Theme Park, Animal Kingdom, and MGM Studios are must-visits on the agenda of every tourist. The scale of the attractions is so huge that you can spend your entire vacation in Walt Disney World without feeling the need to go anywhere else.

If you love the sea and sea animals, then Orlando's SeaWorld is the place to be with its mammoth aquariums, touch pools, dolphin and whale shows, rides and more that will mesmerize your entire family. Among the largest marine parks in the world, Orlando’s SeaWorld features as many as four roller coasters that deliver a matchless experience. You can also enjoy a delightful show put up by sea lions as well as a fireworks show at night that is simply out of the world. SeaWorld Orlando is definitely among the top Florida attractions for families.

Universal Studios
Apart from getting a unique peek into the giant studios where many blockbusters have been made, a major attraction is the Steven Spielberg-designed movie interactive experience that can be as enthralling to adults as to children of all ages. The complex is home to two separate theme parks; one offers a close-up into the studios as well as the Islands of Adventure that entertain visitors with numerous rides and sights, while City Walk features shopping, dining, endless movies, and other round-the-clock entertainment options that keep visitors streaming in.

Discovery Cove
Located adjacent to SeaWorld, Discovery Cove is definitely one of Orlando’s premier attractions. Here, you can experience an island resort ambiance and go swimming with the dolphins, enjoy snorkeling along a fish-infested reef, and even wade among deadly stingrays. You can, if you so like, spend the time relaxing in lounge chairs in the beautiful tropical setting.

Typhoon Lagoon
If water parks are your idea of having fun, then a visit to Typhoon Lagoon should feature very high on your list of things to do in Orlando. One of the most popular Disney water parks, it features all kinds of rides and slides, a wave pool that’s perfect for surfing as well as the famous Shark Reef where you get the opportunity of swimming with bonnethead and leopard sharks besides stingrays and myriad denizens of the deep.

When you are in Orlando, you will be spoilt for choice because the place is a veritable treasure house of tourist delights. When you are short on time, the recommendations above will make your visit truly memorable.

Author Bio: Meryl Adamson is a travel writer who has toured the world in search of tourist attractions of myriad hues. She has also been blogging for long on the different Florida attractions for families.


5 Tips to Help You Select an Oil Painting for Your Office/Home

If you’re looking for an oil painting to beautify your home or office walls, there are factors to consider in order to end up with the best canvas for your environment. This article highlights some of the things you need to think about:

1.   Size
You should consider how much space you have on which to display the painting, as well as the size of the room. A huge canvas would overpower a small room, while a small canvas might get swallowed by a large room. Start by measuring the wall on which the painting will sit. You should also factor in everything else that sits on that wall. For instance, if you have photographs and other types of d├ęcor, there should be enough space between the different pieces. Consider placing canvases in walls that have little else going on so that they can command attention to themselves.

2.   Color
The last thing you want is to buy a canvas which doesn’t work into the color scheme of the space. You need your painting to complement the color scheme you have chosen. Now, this doesn’t mean that they should be an exact match. For instance, your canvas can inject some much-needed brightness into a dull, monochromatic room. On the other hand, if you have lots of different colors and details going, it helps to select a simple painting so that you don’t have too many items clamoring for attention. Earthy tones will be well complemented by earthy-colored paintings, while cooler tones will be well complemented by cooler paintings. The important thing is to ensure that the canvas works well into your color scheme.

3.   Style
There are different decorative styles, such as contemporary, traditional, classic, etc. It is also perfectly alright to mix and match, but this must be done with utmost care. You can mix different textures, patterns and eras. If you don’t know how to do the pairing in a tasteful way, then it’s advisable to find an expert. For instance, if you have an older stately home, it might benefit from a contemporary piece of art. Similarly, vintage paintings may infuse some tasteful contrast to contemporary or modern homes. In the end, however, be sure that you’re in love with how everything ties together.

4.   Subject
Paintings cover vast topics/subjects, from still-lifes and landscapes to wildlife, people and modern life themes. Art is a beautiful place to initiate conversations, so think about what you want to invoke in those viewing the paintings. This also includes the values that you stand for, especially if you’re buying for a corporate setting. Be sure not to pick anything too emotive because you don’t want to be annoying some of your clients when they come into your offices. For your house, however, anything you and your family like is considered fair game.

5.   Purpose
The most important thing when buying art is to buy something that speaks to you, something that you love. Spending lots of money on a piece of art won’t make you love it if you don’t. Think about the styles, artists and eras that you naturally gravitate towards. You can browse through museums and gallery showings to experience different kinds of art if you’re completely new.

Bear in mind that if you’re buying to sell later when value appreciates, art doesn’t appreciate overnight. In the meantime, it helps if you bought something you already love.


Top 10 gift ideas for graduates

Finding the right gift for your university graduate can be hard. The challenge lies in finding something that’s special enough to mark the occasion that’s also something that you can get real use out of. Whether your recent graduate is going on to further their studies or enter the world of work, here are ten useful graduation gift ideas that truly keep on giving. 

1.   A tablet
From on-the-go assignments to job searches a portable tablet is a crucial tool in any post-grads itinerary. They are lightweight and often weigh about 1/3 the weight of a standard laptop, so they’re very easy to carry around when they’re out and about.

2.   Cash
If your post grads are work-bound then they will need some cold hard cash for rent, train/bus fares or petrol costs. They’ll also want to look their best so some money will be needed for a dapper suit of some sort. If your offspring are staying on for further study after recently graduating, then they’re likely to need to splash the cash on fees or study materials.  

3.   Jewellery
Nothing says congratulations or matches a special occasion such as a graduation more than a stunning piece of jewellery. For her, a show-stopping necklace will wow and impress all her friends, whilst for him some cufflinks will look extra smart and help him stand out from the crowd.

4.   Teddy
Who doesn’t like a graduation teddy bear? They’re cute, cuddly and a classic choice. Oh, and they’re probably cheaper than most gifts!

5.   Cake
Graduation cakes come in all shapes and sizes, from traditional sheet cakes to colossal multi-tier cakes. When it comes to cake creations - the sky’s the limit! And of course their friends will love them even more if they have lots of cake to share around. Great work mum and dad!

6.   Portable charger
If your recent grad is off on a year-long around the world sabbatical, then they will want to stay connected to call home or to check out what everyone’s doing on social media.  Graduates who are moving on to further study will also find this useful when moving from library to coffee shop.

7.   Subscription to NetFlix
Your pride and joy has worked their socks off so what better way to reward all that hard work than with a subscription to NetFlix. It’s just the thing they need to switch off and unwind. Just don’t let them enjoy it too much though!

8.   Luggage
Another essential for when your recent grad decides to up sticks and see the world. For many post grad travellers who are off around the world for some amount of time, their suit case will be their new home on wheels!

9.   Watch
Why should your precious one have to wait until marriage or retirement for a good timepiece? A good watch will ooze style, sophistication, add an extra layer of class to any smart dress or suit and even help toward them landing that dream job.

10.         Photo frame
Another option is to capture that special graduation day with a gorgeous frame. Often coming in a variety of finishes to suit your own individual tastes, you can treasure that special day for many years to come with this professional looking gift they’re sure to love.

Thanks to http://www.beaverframes.co.uk for supplying this article.


Jeulia Best Selling Engagement Rings

>> Aug 17, 2017

Planning a wedding means lots of details to complete but for the guy, preparing a marriage proposal could be much more nerve-racking. Choosing the right ring is one of the hardest things to do before proposing. The ring should be within your budget, of course. You have to ensure that she will love wearing it and the chosen ring should represent your commitment to her.  If you are a guy who still confused in searching for the best engagement ring, the major problem will be solved after you know and go to jeulia as this jewelry store has high quality, stylish, well-designed and well-made collection while each item offered at affordable prices that you might not have thought of before.   
 Jeulia Classic Princess Cut Created Black Diamond Engagement Ring- The Price: $99.95
Diamond rings are conventional choices for engagement but their high prices make it unaffordable for majority people.  No need to worry if your budget is not enough to get a diamond ring. Cause in fact, currently, engagement rings can be any gemstone. Yeah, good news for any guy who in a budget, what is more,  Affordable Engagement Rings are available in various beautiful gemstones. I feature here some pieces of Jeulia collection that offered below $100. Don’t they look romantic and fabulous?
You should know that the most important meaning of an engagement ring is its symbolism. It could be personal and different for each couple. So, diamond is not a must, as long as the preferred gemstones and the entire ring can symbolize your love strength, it could be the best one. In this case, birthstone rings are the great alternatives to common diamond rings. Since birthstones are gemstones that indicate one’s month of birth, for example, you can choose a sapphire engagement ring if she was born in September. For a simple classic look, a solitaire engagement ring like above could be your option.
Jeulia 3 CT Emerald Cut Created White Sapphire Engagement Ring - The Price: $109.95
Do you prefer to more intricate ring designs?  Precious stones come in different cuts such as cushion, oval, pear, heart, princess, round, marquise and emerald cut engagement rings. Choose one piece that suits most her preference and personality.  She will wear it with pride!


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