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Active Backs- Osteopathy for Long-Term and Effective Relief

>> Aug 13, 2017

The body is vulnerable to health conditions such as back pain. Since time immemorial there have been numerous attempts to discover the most effective ways to provide healing and prevent illness. Osteopathy is among the techniques that have been utilized for more than a century and continues to be popular option. It considers the entire body during treatment and emphasizes on the skeletal system and muscles.

Alternative Therapy for Chronic Back Pain

  • One of the distinct aspects of osteopathy is its holistic approach. Aside from the holistic approach that sets it apart from conventional medicine, osteopathy involves skeletal and muscular manipulation to promote healing. Focus has been directed to the importance of treating the entire body rather than addressing the damaged or ailing parts of it.
  • More people seek alternative solutions to help them treat and heal chronic conditions. People who are afflicted by chronic pain and do not want to rely on pain medication can benefit from the services of an Osteopath to manage the condition.
  • Elements such as nutrition and posture are considered in osteopathy to heal and prevent pain. The body is regarded as an immense functional machine that requires proper care for optimal performance. The treatment works with the function and structure of the body. It is based on the belief that the smooth function of connective tissues, skeleton and muscles is necessary for a person’s wellbeing.
  • Active X Osteopathy utilizes massage and manipulation to improve the mobility of joints and enhance the body’s natural healing properties. It helps a range of conditions that include chronic back pain.

Osteopathy Sessions

Sessions typically consist of a thorough consultation that involves taking a complete medical history and discussing the current condition of the patient. After a physical examination it will be possible for the practitioner to let you know more about the problem and the amount of time it may take to deal with it.

Treatment involves the combination of methods that are aimed at easing muscle tension. Some of these techniques are comparable to massage therapy while others are subtle and feature gentle touches. The effects of treatment are felt after treatment.

Natural and Safe

With manual therapy the hands are used massage, move and carefully apply force to joints, bones, muscles and the spine area. This helps to reduce back pain and works well with other measures that include exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Health Benefits

  • Osteopathic treatment offers a number of benefits that include addressing the underlying causes of back pain. It minimizes stiffness and pain in joints and muscles, increases mobility in the joints and provides a lasting solution for spinal problems that are caused by spinal disc injuries and poor posture.
  • Osteopathic treatment helps to relieve chronic pain without resorting to invasive treatment. It reduces stress on joints, eases body tension and relieves headaches.
  • Osteopathy encourages the body to naturally heal itself by increasing and improving circulation as well as lowering blood pressure.
  • Osteopathy is based on the principles of the body parts being interconnected and the functionality of each part being dependent on normal functions of other parts.

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Maya August 14, 2017 at 7:30 AM  

Ini semacam pijat refleksi ya sis, tapi lebih kepada pijat sendi, atau saya salah memahami. Ini solusi bagi yang tidak ingin ketergantungan pada obat-obat pereda nyeri sendi terutama obat2 kimia. Memang obat-obst pereda nyeri sendi sebagian besar mengandung zat2 kimia yang bisa membuat ketagihan
terima kasih selamat pagi

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