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The Unexpected Side Effects From The Use Of Fish Oil

>> Aug 26, 2017

Fish oil is known for its remarkable benefits that people have depended on for many years. That however isn’t to say that the oil doesn’t have its downsides, there are some side effects that are related to the use of the oil, and the good thing is that it can be simply avoided in the process of using it.

The side effects are rare or can reveal themselves periodically and most of them are experienced from using poor quality fish oil, or over using good fish oil. Before you buy and start using the oil, you should research on the side effects that are related to its use, and that is what we are going to explain here.

For starters, you need to understand that there is a limit to which you are supposed to use your top quality fish oil, in regard to the amount you use when cooking or the capsules you are to take when you are using it as a weight reduction remedy. After quality and amount to use, you can then check on the other related problems that the oil might give you.

How Much Is Too Much?
Fish oil products are well packaged with clear instructions on how to use them indicated on the labels of their packages. You hence won’t err in the use of the product, although you don’t have to be very strict on the quantities indicated. The standard usage however is a maximum of 3 grams of the oil in a day. Regular use of the oil that exceeds 3 grams a day will therefore give you some side effects.

If you are using the weight loss capsules, then you should understand that of the 1000mg capsules, 3 of them represent the 3 grams of the oil that you are required to take daily.If you use more than that you will experience the negatives of improper use of fish oil. With that confirmation we can now look at some of the fish oil side effects that users experience.

1.   Digestive Problems – They include hyperacidity, flatulence and poor digestion. This is usually experienced in the initial stages of fish oil use given that your stomach won’t be used to it. You therefore will develop burps that are full of fish smell as well as breaking wing that smells of the same. Acid reflux and heart burn will also be in the mix.

2.   Obesity – While fish oil is a perfect remedy for weight loss, too much of it will lead to weight gain when fat accumulates in your body. Just take enough of the oil and you will avoid atherosclerosis and hypertension problems that are related to obesity.

3.   Organ Damage – Excessive use of fish oil causes accumulation of heavy metals and mostly mercury that causes damage to the liver. To avoid this disastrous side effect, you should only buy the oils that are ultra-refined.

4.   Overdose of EPA in children – The body of a kid has difficulty of handling eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). When a child consumes fish oil excessively they get an overdose of the acid which will certainly cause other related health problems.

5.   Allergies – They are body reactions to a substance that doesn’t fit well in the system, and when you take in too much fish oil your body may develop allergies too. Some of the known allergies are itching, skin rashes, shortness of breath and swelling of the throat.

6.   Hemorrhaging – You will risk serious bleeding when you take too much of fish oil. Omega 3 fatty acids reduces the ability of the blood to clot, and so any bleeding such as nose bleeding will be severe if it happens. You might also note presence of blood in the urine or worse still suffer hemorrhagic stroke.

7.   Psychological problems -You will be at risk of bipolar disorder if you get used to consuming excess fish oil. It will also cause mania and serious depression. Queer sensation like ants crawling on your skin may be felt, and even restlessness. The effects may affect your emotional balance leading to disorders.

With the above information, you now understand the effects of consuming more fish oil than your body needs. You however don’t have to worry about the fish oil side effects explained here, because if you are practicing safe use of the fish oil you won’t be affected by any of them. 

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