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Tips on How to Stay Cool in the Summer

>> Aug 30, 2017

Summer seasons are very hot and finding ways to stay cool is important to reduce sweating, dehydration, dizziness, laziness, and discomfort. We are going to discuss some of the ways you could use to help remain fresh throughout the season.

1. Ventilating the house is the best solution to cool the room by letting out the hot air and letting in fresh air for a good circulation of air. Ventilation is mostly on the ceilings and rooms that generate heat like the kitchen which will be so useful at night.

2. One can use the cool breeze at night to cool the house after a long hot day so that the old air may go out and you let in the cold air. The cool breeze is obtained by opening all doors and windows, but they should not stay open the whole night since the hot air that comes in the morning will go in.

3. Choose cotton clothes since they are absorbent, have good ventilation, a proper flow of air, and are also breathable. They are best used as bed linens and also clothing to avoid a lot of sweating and discomfort because they are light. One should also choose bright colored clothes since they do not retain heat easily unlike the dull colored clothes which are usually so warm.

4. When it is hot one feels sweaty and gross, which is not comfortable, one way of keeping your body cool and reducing the temperature is by drinking a lot of water. Lack of water causes dehydration thus, it is very important to drink a lot of water in such a season to hydrate your body levels.

5. Fans are an easy way of keeping the house cool since they help in the circulation of air by introducing cold fresh air into the room. Fans help one to feel cold and also contribute to condition the air in the chamber.

6. Take a shower regularly so that your body always stays fresh and also to remove the excess sweat caused by hot weather.

7. It is important to consider using more refreshing paints in your house during the summer season since fresh colors help to calm the home since the darker colors are usually vague and warm the house.

8. It is important to learn which are your cooling spots for example if your cooling spot is your neck you could use ice packs or even damp towels and place them on your neck so that you bring your temperature down a little bit faster.

9. Eat light meals since a body requires a lot of energy and metabolic heat to be able to break down food and therefore, the less food you take, the less the amount of heat will be generated to give out the food. Your body also warms up as it processes large meals compared to handling lighter meals and hence, a small amount of food will help your body remain cool. It is also time to consider eating grilled food rather than using the stove or the oven since they warm up the house and also you feel hot when using the oven or stove. It is also the best time to use the accessories you have for outdoor purposes.

10. Summer seasons are the best times to use natural lights and turn off the lights because lights also generate heat in the house and therefore the house remains warm the whole time. During summer, the light is usually up till nine at night hence it saves you the trouble of other means of lighting until later at night.

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Putra August 31, 2017 at 9:38 AM  

The best way is to stay away from sun. Stick in room with air conditioner is good one, I guess

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