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How to Make a Wig Look Natural

>> Aug 30, 2017

How to make a wig look natural? I believe that this is what most women want to know. With the fast changing of fashion trend, more and more people want to change their hairstyle in order to keep up with the trend. Bundles, closure, wigs and many other kinds of hair products appear to satisfy women's demand. As for these hair products, I recommend Maxglam for you. It supplies cheap hair bundles, lace frontal closure, cheap human hair wigs etc. for you with fast delivery.

There is no doubt that you want to have a natural look when you buy a wig. To make a wig look natural, baby hair plays an important role. Some people don't like baby hair because it may cover their forehead and get hot easily. But baby hair could actually make you look younger and prettier. So if you want to have a more natural look, it's better to buy a wig with baby hair.

Then I will talk to you how a make a wig with baby hair more natural. 

Firstly, you should braid your whole hair. Braiding steps are as follows: Divide one section of your hair into three pieces. Then grab the right section with your right hand and the left section with your left hand, letting the middle section hang free. In your right and left hands, hold the strands so that you're grasping them against your palm with your middle, ring and little fingers, keeping your index fingers and thumbs free. Then cross the left section over the middle section and cross the right section over the middle section. Continue braiding and finally secure the braid. Section your front hair when you wear the cap. A middle part or deep side part is decided by you. 

Then wear the lace front wig. Make sure the line of wig is aligned with the line of your natural hair. An important way to make your wig look natural is to show some of your natural hair in the front, don¡¯t put it far forward. Apply some glue to the wig. Then you can use some concealer to the line of hair. Choose some concealer with similar color to your scalp. Use your finger to blur the concealer can provide a more natural look. Apply some palette to the hair in the front and the edge of lace. With these steps, you can make your part more natural. Finally, you can use flat iron to straighten the hair on the top of your hair to make the wig flat. You can use some hairspray to make your hairstyle stay for longer time.

If you think these steps are very tedious for you, cheap human hair lace front wigs are good option for you. This kind of wig is available in Maxglam. With lace as material, it is very natural and comfortable to wear. This company uses 100% human hair as raw material, so their products present a natural look. Some people scare to wear wig because they think it is fake. However, with high quality wig and use some tip that I have mentioned before, you do not need to worry about that.

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