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Top Spearfishing Techniques That Will Add to the Fun of the Sport

>> Aug 15, 2017

Spearfishing is an ideal sport for those who like fishing and hunting. Of course, you need to be a really excellent swimmer to be any good at it. Unlike spearing fish from the surface of the water that is one of the oldest hunting techniques, spearfishing requires to dive into the water, swim underneath its surface and approach the fish close enough to be able to spear it. It is a battle of wits between you and your target that is in its natural element, and like any other sport, it can take a fair amount of practice before you are any good at it. Some top techniques that will get you the best results:

Being Stealthy Is Vital

Fish in water have two vital advantages; firstly they have very good eyesight even though the water does not transmit light very well, and second, fish are able to sense motion and vibration in the water very well. The only way you can hope to get within striking distance of the target fish is by being extremely stealthy and avoiding quick and jerky motion. As any spearfishing Florida expert will tell, your approach has to be very smooth and slow for you to be able to avoid alarming it.

Using a Weight Belt

Because of the natural buoyancy of the human body in water, it is necessary for you to point your head downwards and your legs upwards pointing to the surface. To ensure that you can dive and also turn around when you want, you need to use an adjustable weight belt that acts just like an anchor pulling you towards the bottom. Using the weight belt is especially helpful when you are wearing a wetsuit because they do not have any special hanging parts that can pull you down. Also, the weight belt comes in very handy when you are using the crawl technique.

Crawl on the Ocean Bed

Unlike what people imagine, spearfishing does not involve swooping upon the fish in a sudden flurry and shooting it. Rather, it is all about slowly and painfully stalking the target by crawling on the ocean floor. A weight belt helps you crawl on the ocean floor. With the weight of the belt, it is easier for you to stay at the bottom without kicking your legs and alarming the fish. Because you crawl by using your hands to give you leverage, you need to be careful that you do not cut yourself on sharp rocks. The technique needs some mastering because you are trying to propel yourself with one hand while carrying the spear gun in the other. You need to be really careful to protect your wetsuit from ripping and the belt from rattling and scaring away the fish.


In spearfishing, everything including the actual shooting is done in slow motion to avoid scaring the target. Approach stealthily, shoot sharply and head to the water surface after grabbing the fish, and unhook in the boat with care.

Author Bio: Lindsay Welles is a spearfishing Florida tour organizer. An avid spearfishing enthusiast herself, she has extensive knowledge of the local Florida seas and the best diving spots.

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Septia Khoirunnisa August 16, 2017 at 10:18 AM  

I will comment, but I cann't speak or write English very well hehe..

"firstly they have very good eyesight even though the water does not transmit light very well." Aku kira dulu pas Zaman kecil semua Ikan itu buta, dan cuma mengandalkan sensor gelombang di air.

I really like your post, make me more information and I am try to learn English language. Thank you, Mrs. Lina 🙂

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