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Navigating Assisted Living Together

>> Aug 4, 2017

The transition from independent living to an assisted living environment can have a big impact not only on older family members, but the rest of the family as well. There are many things to consider when making this change. However, if the whole family participates, it can reduce stress and make everyone feel better when the time comes to move to assisted living.

What is the Difference Between Nursing Homes and Assisted Living?
Many people are confused by what assisted living entails and the difference between this type of environment and a nursing home. The big difference is that nursing homes are for elderly people who have medical needs and assisted living facilities are for people who just need a little bit of help with daily living needs, like cooking and cleaning, or personal care. It’s important to be aware of this difference when helping an elderly relative move from their home.

How Far Away Is It?
Having an elderly relative transitioning into an assisted living facility can put a lot of stress on not just the elderly person, but on their family as well. The children can be worried about how often they’ll be able to visit their grandparents. Naturally Grandma or Grandpa too might be worried that they won’t be as involved with the family as they were when they were living on their own. One thing that can help is choosing a facility that is close to the rest of the family. This way, the elderly person and the rest of the family can make sure that things like family get togethers and regular visits will change as little as possible.

What Is Right for Them and The Family?
When you go to look at assisted living facilities with an elderly relative, it’s important to make sure that they’ll be happy and that the services they would like are offered. Assisted living facilities offer a variety of amenities to their residents. These can include social activities like game nights, recreational activities, and field trips. Meals, cleaning, and laundry services are also often offered as well. When touring an assisted living facility with your loved one, make sure to try the food and make sure the staff is friendly and helpful as well.

Making it Home
Whichever assisted living facility the elderly person and their family choose, it’s important to make sure it feels like home. Bringing pictures, small pieces of furniture, or a few precious belongings can help ease the transition for the elderly person. It will help both the family and their elderly relative if the whole family helps with the move and setting up. Having the whole family join in will make the new place feel just like home.

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