Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Few Important Things to Know Before Using Air Freight Shipping

>> Aug 16, 2017

Escalating security concerns, skyrocketing fuel prices, competition from other transportation options, and revised inventory management policies have really hurt air cargo industry in the recent years. However, airfreight shipping is still the fastest way to make international shipments. You can still take advantage of this option, but you need to ensure that you are working with a professional service provider. Not all freight forwarders and airfreight shipping companies can handle your shipments properly. Therefore, you should conduct some research and then select a company to handle your cargo.

If you have decided to use air shipping service, you should also keep the following things in mind.

  • Be sure to have your packing list intact. It is important to create your packing list carefully with information about the origin and destination names. Your packing list should also offer information about the cargo, dimensional weight, gross weight, and final cube. In case you are going to use pallets, be sure to mention its dimensions along with the final cube next to the gross weight.
  • Learn the airlines regulations and have your shipment weighed properly. Keep in mind that airlines check volume weights as well as final gross weights. They will apply which weight is greater. It is your responsibility to correct any weight related mistake. Know about the ratio airlines in your country use to help get an idea about your final volume weight.
  • Get information about aircraft cargo space. It is important to understand that aircrafts do have dimensions and weight per piece restrictions. It is better to educate yourself about these restrictions avoid any problem while using air freight shipping. 
While air shipping is a safer choice, there is still a chance of getting your goods damaged. Here are a few tips to remember to avoid product damage and returns:
  • Do not implement a widespread rollout of your newly manufactured goods. Be sure to test the real-world performance of those goods by sending trial shipments first. You should also get complete information about the volume, weight and nature of the product and use that info when making larger shipments later.
  • Make use of shock, impact, or tilt indicators. These small devices can help you get an idea if your shipment has been mishandled or improperly loaded during transit. You can use that info to determine if air freight shipping is the right choice.
  • Be sure to fill the void before sending your cargo for shipping. There should be no space inside crates, boxes, and pallets. You should also try to limit any gap around the perimeter of your box or package. This minimizes risk of collision during transit.
These are some of the most common issues associated with air freight shipping. Of course, there can be other issues too that will arise from time to time. Just keep these important things in mind and you will be able to make air freight shipping work perfectly for you.

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