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7 important tips when you visit trampoline park

>> Aug 3, 2017

Trampoline parks are amazing springy playgrounds for kids and families for having the fun ‘n frolic of life. Not only are trampolines awesome, but they provide a fun way to sweat out your calories – no matter what the weather is outside. We will walk you through the facts that you must know before you visit the trampoline park next time. Get ready to enjoy with fun overloaded!

1.   Plan out for the fun in advance – fill the waivers out
As the old adage goes “Safety first”, safety is a paramount concern at trampoline parks. It is highly probable that you may fall or flip resulting in serious injuries which can also be permanent. Thus, stay safe and complete the liability waiver well in advance which can give time to have a thorough look at it before starting the trampoline adventure.

2.   Not paying at once is the way-to-go
There are many wonderful trampoline parks around you – you just need to choose the one you like. All of them have variable costs, for instance, some trampoline parks charges $10 per hour for people over 46’’ and $5 per hour for people under 46’’.
Once you have chosen the park of your preference, you can check out its online website for discounts available online and coupons for families, friends, groups, military etc.

3.   Avoid going to the park at peak time of the week
Caution – do not visit trampoline parks on the weekends, school holidays, public holidays or any other occasions where you might find a sound crowd in the place. Even though the trampoline parks are quite big in size, but since the surface area of the foam pit of the trampoline is restricted only one person can use it at a time. Moreover, while you are wondering about getting a few minutes of the fun and zeal, you suddenly notice that there is a line of people standing right in front of you and that can be pretty annoying.

You don’t want that, right? Well, it is best to go trampolining on days where there is less crowd. By doing that, you can enjoy the utmost fun every single moment you jump on the super cool trampoline.

4.   Trampoline is fun regardless of age
Are you 21 or 25 or even 30? Why should you miss out on the fun? Trampoline is awesome and the most fun activity that everyone should engage in. You will laugh, you will laugh hard and you will have the best time you ever had. As a bonus, you also get a good workout. You can also try out a flip or two to top the fun a notch. For smooth jumps and to have a good grip while flipping round, here is a tip. You can wear the trampoline grip socks specially designed for use in trampoline parks. There are a wide variety of cool trampoline socks you can choose from, which will provide you with the grip on the foam pits in the park.

5.   Keep your valuables and jewelry back home or in your ride to the park
Since you will be engrossed in the exciting fun of the trampoline adventure, it is highly probable that you may lose jewelry such as necklace, bracelets and earrings in the trampoline parks. You also don’t wanna lose your valuables such as your purse, phone and camera. Even if you want to click pictures to capture some memories of the flawless fun there, you must set the camera aside since there is a chance that you may lose it. You can either keep these in your car or lockers in the desks available in the trampoline parks. Check whether they provide locks or not, if not, bring your own padlocks.

6.   Comfort comes first, fun follows
Are you wearing skinny jeans or skin-tight tops to the trampoline park? Well, it is not at all a good option. You should wear comfortable clothes so that you can enjoy as much as possible, such as yoga pants, athletic shorts or tees. Once you feel the comfort, you will enjoy your trip to the trampoline park – more than ever.

7.   Entry time can be virtuous
The trampoline parks charge entrance fees for hourly basis. Not satisfied? Want more fun? Well, you can get a few extra minutes of fun next time you visit the trampoline park. Some parks use colour-coded wristbands to keep the track of time of entering, jumping on the foam pits and walking out of the area. If you act smart, you can just enter in such a time that adds some extra minutes to your journey of fun and adventure. For instance, if you were allowed entry at 4.30 PM, you can arrive just after 4 PM to enjoy 1 and a half hour of trampoline fun. 

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