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10 Ways to Calm Your Baby

>> Apr 12, 2012

Babies cry as a form of communication. It’s their way of letting you know something is not quite right. A child has lots of different cries and learning to understand your baby’s calls will help you find the right solution. If your child continues to cry, he/she might need a trip to the doctor. But if you know your baby is simply hungry, teething, tired, scared, or restless, try these tips to calm them down. They may not all work for you, but it’s worth a try!

1. Milk

Babies love milk! If your baby is hungry, a feed might be in order, whether at your breast or from a bottle. While you shouldn’t automatically feed your baby every time he or she cries, milk can act as a soothing comfort. If you find your baby stops crying after they’ve been fed, their crying probably related to hunger or frustration.

2. Dummies and Teething Toys

If your baby is crying because they’re in pain from teething, consider using a dummy or a teething toy to calm them down. These come in all shapes and sizes, from giraffes and bracelets to fruits and rattles. Chewable foods like carrot sticks and teething biscuits can help, too.

3. Singing

Though your baby can’t talk, it can recognise you by sight, smell and the sound of your voice. If your baby is on a crying tirade, singing might help. You can sing almost anything – lullabies, nursery rhymes, rock songs – it’s the sound of your voice that could help to soothe your little one.

4. Music and Sounds

Babies are also attracted to sounds and music (other than you singing). See if you can find a music CD that helps calm them down. They might like classical music, nature sounds, funky world music or even pop music.

5. Holding Positions

Holding your baby in different positions can help to comfort them and it can also help relieve gas. Try holding your baby on his/her back, resting their head in the crook of your elbow or holding your baby in a seated position, with his/her back against your chest. To help relieve gas, you can rest your baby on your shoulder or hold his/her in a ‘superman’ position, face down, and rock them back and forth.

6. Soothing Movements

If you’ve tried holding your baby in lots of different ways and nothing is working, perhaps your baby needs some movement. Instead of walking, try rocking them back and forth, or using a swing or rocking chair if you’ve got one. You can also try bouncing them lightly in the pram or pushing them around in their pram. A sense of calming and constant movement could be all your baby needs.

7. The Car

Ever taken your baby for a ride in the car and found that he or she’s fallen asleep? The constant motion of a car often puts babies at ease. If you’ve got a car and you’ve tried a few, unsuccessful remedies, try taking your little one for drive. The change of scenery might also distract them. (Don’t forget to take your baby bag, too, just in case!)

8. Bath

Some mothers claim that giving their baby a quick bath when they’re upset can work wonders. Many adults love swimming or taking a spa as a form of relaxation – and babies are the same. See if your crying baby responds to the therapeutic effects of water. You never know, they might just want to splash around!

9. Massage

The soft touch of your hands can relax a baby instantly. Try massaging your baby in soft, small, circular strokes over his/her body, using baby oil or moisturiser. You can massage his/her head, temples, arms, legs, chest and back. If your baby squirms, move on to a different spot until you find something they like.

10. Stay Calm

Do you find that your crying baby frustrates you, or makes you feel worried or upset? Your baby can also sense how you are feeling – the more upset you are, the less likely they are to calm down. Remember, staying calm will help soothe your baby, too.

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