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How to Ensure Your Children are Confident Swimmers

>> Apr 13, 2012

While there is a lot of attention paid to the dangers of water, there is also something to be said about knowledge and confidence around water. The problem with swimming lessons alone for your child is that they may miss out on important lessons about behaviour around water. Teaching your child to be a confident swimmer does not always mean getting in the water. It is important to teach your child how to understand different types of water – from rivers to the ocean, so they are prepared to swim in anything.

Familiarity with WaterOne great way to get your child familiar with water is to take them fishing or to go out in a boat. This will give them a chance to understand water even if they are not the strongest of swimmers. It is more about showing water respect rather than fear.

Another way to get children more comfortable with water is to involve them in all aspects of maintaining your pool, if you have one. It is not appropriate for a child to handle the chemicals and
pool cleaners, but they could certainly have other responsibilities around the water. Just make sure that they are supervised.

Swimming SportsSwimming sports are a great way for your kids to have fun and learn how to swim at the same time. While many sports will require some knowledge of swimming others will teach your child as they go. It is a pretty cool idea to get your kids some diving toys and other fun things to do in the pool.

Swimming Lessons
Swimming lessons from a professional are very important and these other ideas are intended to be as well as, rather than instead of swimming lessons. There are always swimming courses run at local pools. Junior life-saving organisations can be a great source of professional support if you live by the ocean. This will give your children valuable knowledge about being in the surf, as well as some great fitness on the sand. It will also provide them with a bit of healthy competition.

Swim with ThemGeneral swimming safety at all times when your children are young is essential. This will mean swimming with them or having another adult swim with them. This will help them learn from you and provide someone for them to grab onto if they feel scared or out of their depth.

Pool SafetyYou should also make your child feel safe around pool areas by paying attention to pool safety. Make sure your pool is secure with the correct fencing and a
pool cover in winter time. Always check the status of your pool safety equipment if you have a pool in the backyard. If you live near water sources, be sure to let your children know never to go there alone.

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