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A Healthy Alternative for Coffee Lovers

>> Apr 22, 2012

Every one has their own ways to start their days. Coffee lovers surely like to drink a cup of coffee every morning and commonly each of them has different coffee preference and taste. My husband always asks me to make him a cup of black and strong coffee. I myself prefer to have a cup of Green Tea to complete my breakfast; but occasionally, I also drink coffee if I’m lack of sleep. What kind of beverage that accompany you to begin your day? 

Excessive caffeine can endanger one’s health -no one doubt it- but lots of people can’t avoid the coffee temptation and tend to drink too much coffee every day. In fact, coffee in harmless dosage can assist you to soothe, heat up your body, keep alert and focus. The question is; can you really control your daily coffee drinking? 

My sister-in-law is also a coffee addict. For her, a cup of creamy coffee is already her every day breakfast. A few days ago, in our last phone call, she told me that she couldn’t drink coffee anymore as she’s diagnosed of high blood pressure. I felt sorry for her. 

Luckily, I just get the information that can be the right way out for her. She should try organo gold coffee, a healthy alternative for every coffee lover, without losing the great tasting of coffee and the pleasant feeling while drinking coffee. Have you ever known about Organo Gold’s coffee before? Why it’s called as a healthy coffee? 

Organo Gold’s coffee is definitely a healthy coffee as it contains 100 % organic certified Ganoderma Lucidum extract. Ganoderma –also famous as Reishi mushroom- is a medical mushroom that has further than 200 active components identified to recover one’s health. Ganoderma’s fragrance-free and flavorless characteristics make Ganoderma coffee tastes and smells like ordinary coffee! 

Organic certified Ganoderma Lucidum spore powder isn’t only added into coffees; but you can also get Organo Gold’s green tea, hot chocolate and capsules. So, drinking any product of Organo Gold means that you obtain many benefits of Ganoderma for your better health. 

In details, the benefits of consuming Organo Gold products are almost countless. The main medicinal advantage that you can gain is it can totally support the function of your body’s immune system.  My sister-in-law can drink Organo Gold’s coffee without worries as it can lower the high blood pressure. She surely glad to know that she can enjoy her favorite coffee -Gourmet Latte- in more healthy way!

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