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Finding the Right Holiday Accommodation for your Family

>> Apr 9, 2012

There can be quite a lot to consider when determining the best type of holiday accommodation for your family. Depending on your holiday destination and your family’s needs, you need to consider if you’d like the traditional services of a hotel, the privacy and household environment of a serviced apartment or the more natural setting of a cabin. Read on for help in choosing the right accommodation for your next family holiday.

Hotel Room
There are plenty of family-friendly hotels that cater to all parents and kids. While there are the usual single hotel rooms, most hotels offer family rooms, with facilities including a king- or queen-size bed for the parents and twin beds for the kids in adjoining rooms. They may also include a kitchenette for preparing your own food, in-house movies and flat-screen televisions. The whole family can also enjoy the hotel’s indoor and outdoor swimming pools and fitness centre. Parents can relax a bit more, as luxuries include room service and housekeeping. Other perks can include magnificent views from the windows and nearby attractions like city landmarks, restaurants and beaches.

Generally, hotels are the most common choice of accommodation due to wide availability and plenty of different options. However, restless kids may not like a regular hotel room’s limited space, and you may not like some of the more expensive rates. Fortunately, there are a variety of hotels to suit your budget with varying levels of service.

Serviced Apartments
The overall benefit of a serviced apartment is the independent living facilities available. The buildings offer a range of fully furnished two or three bedroom, studio and penthouse suites that go beyond the usual hotel-style resources. These include a fully equipped kitchen and laundry, high-speed internet connection, living/dining rooms, built-in wardrobes and restaurant meal delivery service straight to your door. Plus, you’ll still be able to get the usual room and housekeeping services that you’d normally get from a regular hotel, as well as the convenience of nearby attractions and city hot spots.

Serviced apartments ultimately give you a more comfortable home atmosphere than a regular hotel room. The kids will love the extra space to move around and regular household creature comforts at a home away from home. You’ll also love the privacy and the space from other guests.

Serviced apartments are ideal if you plan to have a longer holiday. The whole family will also benefit from staying in one place and maintaining a routine, instead of moving from one hotel to the next. You can also expect to pay weekly rates if you’re staying for a longer time. This makes it good value for money for all the service, which exceeds what is on offer in a regular hotel.
If your family is interested in a holiday in a more natural setting, cabins could be a great place to stay. A lot of cabin accommodation is located on campgrounds or in scenic parks that offer beautiful landscapes. You can also take advantage of facilities similar to those offered by a hotel, like a television and DVD player, air conditioning, linen and blankets, towels, cooking facilities, tea and coffee, two bedrooms and a bathroom. The rustic environment and timber floors will have a nice, cozy feeling.

On-site facilities can include a barbecue area and playground. Outdoor activities can include horse riding, go-karting, swimming, surfing, fishing, canoeing and whit-water rafting at nearby beaches, lakes, rivers or mountains. Other benefits include the cabin park’s sociable atmosphere and cheap accommodation rates.

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tasbih souvenir pengajian April 9, 2012 at 4:19 PM  

nice tips my friend, somehow 'll help in choosing the right accommodation...

Jerry Lee December 24, 2013 at 1:20 PM  

In holiday accommodation with several rooms and fun facilities, families will have the space to use the technology they want with the opportunity to mix things up with some outdoor activities and traditional family activities, too.

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