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Awesome Party Games for Adults

>> Apr 18, 2012

Games aren’t just for children, as there are plenty of really fun adult games for setting the mood at parties and gatherings. Party games really help to encourage everyone at the party to participate and can often alleviate awkward moments by stimulating discussion and laughter. Don’t forget to consider your guest list before you pick your theme, to be sure it will be a success. The following are some examples of games you can try for your next party.

Rubik’s Cube Party
The Rubik’s Cube party game is a great way to ensure that all the people at a large party mix and mingle with each other. Ask your guests to come to your party dressed completely in one of the colours of a Rubik’s Cube – yellow, green, blue, red, orange or white. While the party is going, guests swap their clothing items with each other – shirts, shoes, pants and any other clothing item – with the aim of completely re-dressing in any colour other than the one they came in. Once a particular time is reached and the swapping is over, you can give out prizes based on the popular vote for the funniest dressed, the best dressed and the sexiest dressed.

Guess That Famous Person

Throw a mock-Oscar’s party and ask each of your guests to come dressed as a famous person. To make it authentic, you can get a
red carpet hire and take pictures of your guests striking their best poses as they arrive at the party. You could even take things up a notch and ask guests to bring appetisers that fit with movie themes. You can also give out awards for the most authentic costumes.

Australia’s Got Talent’ Living Room Audition

Make sure your guests know about your party game ahead of time so that they can decide what talent they will showcase. To really get the theme going, consider stage and
lighting hire to really set the atmosphere. You will also need three judges, cameras, rock-star outfits and a karaoke machine for those who want to sing. The judges will give a score out of ten for each performance, and the guest with the highest score wins the prize!

Murder Mystery Party
Enjoy a night of mystery, murder and intrigue with this fun role-playing game. You can get a boxed game or download a scenario from the internet – then all you have to do is choose your guests! Make sure you give each guest a role ahead of time so that they can get into character and dress the part. Once you present the scenario and evidence to your guests, turn them loose on each other and let them mingle to find clues on their own. This game is amazing for eliminating the dreaded party lulls, and even the quiet people will get involved. As the host, you will have fun serving tasty themed snacks while watching your friends scheme, deceive and stir up pandemonium!

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