Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Making Your Promotional Material Environmentally Friendly

>> Apr 16, 2012

Being sustainable and environmentally friendly is the next big thing in business. When it comes to personalised corporate gifts, trade show giveaways and other promotional products, green is in. Since ecological awareness is now at an all-time high, businesses can win the respect of consumers by putting a noted effort into their commitment to sustainability. Eco-friendly promotional items mark your business as conscientious, well-managed and environmentally responsible, so the very use of sustainable promotional items is great promotion in itself. The following are a few product ideas to help get you started.

Biodegradable Plastic

It used to be that the words “plastic” and “environmentally friendly” were hard to use in the same sentence. All of that has changed, however, with the development of biodegradable plastic whose components have been derived from renewable raw materials. You can now get virtually any traditionally plastic promotional product in an eco-friendly form, including imprinted tote bags, pens and cups. The only hard part for you will be making your customers aware that the giveaways are, indeed, environmentally friendly, so your good deeds don’t go unnoticed.

Recycled Plastic

Sourcing products that are made from recycled plastic is very easy these days and recycled plastic is a great option for corporate gifts and trade show giveaways for many reasons. First, recycled plastic is inexpensive when compared with biodegradable plastic, as recycling infrastructure is becoming very common. Second, the recycling symbol is well known to the general public, which means there will be no confusion about the sustainable sourcing of your imprinted mug, cup, bottle or other promotional item.

Paper Products

It is common knowledge these days that – when compared to plastic – paper is one of the most environmentally friendly promotional product materials because it is biodegradable, can be recycled, and is made of natural materials. It you have
business cards, pamphlets or booklets that you would like to give away to potential clients, make sure that you use a book printing service that will print on recycled paper. Sturdy paper bags are excellent for trade shows to use as “goodie bags”; even if a customer uses it to put promotional items from other companies in, it is your brand that will be the most visible.

Imprinted Shopping Bags

The use of plastic shopping bags is one of the hottest topics when it comes to sustainability – they are one of the most wasteful and difficult-to-dispose items in every community. Although biodegradable plastic is an alternative, nothing is better than carrying a reusable shopping bag – and the solution for many people can be your company’s imprinted tote bag.

Sustainably Sourced Wood Products

Like paper, everyone knows that products made from wood are environmentally friendly because they biodegrade easily without releasing any harsh chemicals into the environment. Promotional products made from sustainable timber material are amazing to give away to potential clients and customers. Great examples of products that can be made from wood include pens, pencils, key chains, USB flash drives, bottle openers, pen pots, and more.

Going green with your promotional products may involve a little bit more money and creativity, but the benefits are well worth it. Not only will you get your brand out there, but you will also label your company as environmentally responsible.

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