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8 Steps to Protecting Your Family from the Dangers of Fires

>> Apr 17, 2012

Fires kill and scar thousands of people in Australia every year. Preventing your family from becoming just another figure in this statistic is a serious and important job. Fire safety is a relatively easy thing to achieve in comparison to the devastating effect of failure. This article will consider some of the steps you can take to protect your family from burns and fires in the home.

1. Install fire alarms.
Having a good
alarm system will enable you to rest peacefully. The potential for a fire is always there so it is better to know that you will be alerted when there is. Early warnings save lives so be sure to regularly maintain your alarms so that they work when you need them.

2. Get it checked out.
Unless you have recently moved into a newly built house then you need to get the wiring, plumbing, gas and heating checked. A small failure with any of these elements of your house could cause a serious fire at any time. If you don’t know when the house was last checked then make sure you get a check carried out soon.

3. Don’t leave your cooking.
When cooking it seems difficult to start a fire but this is because you are constantly watching it and adjusting the heat. Just a short minute of too great a heat could cause whatever you are cooking to catch fire. Don’t risk it and make sure you turn the hob off before you answer the phone or go to the door.

4. Don’t smoke in your house.
Smoking in your house is not only bad for you and bad for those around you; it also creates a fire hazard which has ended many lives. Smoking whilst sitting or lying down provides the potential for you to fall asleep and set fire to yourself. Do the sensible thing and smoke outside to protect the lungs of your children and to eliminate the risk of starting a fire.

5. Beware of infestation.The nests of either rats or insects are something to be dealt with quickly for several reasons. Rodents chew at electrical cords which can then cause them to start a fire. In addition to this, the nests that both rodents and insects make are often very flammable and could potentially start a fire if left untended.

6. Beware of flickering lights.
Flickering lights can be a sign of electrical faults or power surges. Both of these problems can potentially cause a fire if they are not dealt with promptly.

7. Install sprinklers
It can take a significant amount of time for the fire department to arrive at the scene of a fire. Installing sprinklers can stop the spread of fire before it is too late. Whilst they may not completely extinguish the fire, this constant stream could be enough to hold the flames off until the fire department arrives.

8. Maintain your air conditioning unit.
Air conditioning units run through the use of electrical motors which will necessarily need to be maintained. Regularly check up on the system to be sure it is not overheating. This is particularly important if the system has not been used for a long period and is then switched on again.

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