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Should You Holiday with Relatives?

>> Apr 11, 2012

Planning to travel with relatives can be tricky if it’s not done properly. Some people simply choose not to travel with extended family because of the potential stress, while others find it to be a highly rewarding experience. The following are some tips for how to change the idea of travelling with relatives from mildly terrifying, to enjoyable.

Should You, or Shouldn’t You? 

Sometimes, when it comes to travelling with relatives, there is no choice in the matter. Family reunions, weddings and funerals are events that you will have to attend alongside relatives whether you want to or not. Holidays, on the other hand, are a completely different matter. If you know without a doubt that having a voluntary holiday with your relatives is going to be a nightmare, then maybe you really should consider not doing it. If you are one of the lucky ones who get along well with your relatives, then you have nothing to worry about!

Have a Meeting 

To make your holiday a success, sit down with your relatives beforehand and plan out as much as possible, so that everyone will be on the same page when the holiday arrives. Planning in advance will also highlight and eliminate any possible bad situations that could arise once the holiday has begun. The following are some things that should be discussed:

1. Plan your
accommodation. Everyone needs to be on the same page when it comes to where you will all be staying. Serviced apartments and bed and breakfasts can be the best options because everyone can have their own private space, but communal areas are available as well. It is also worthwhile considering a holiday location such as an all-inclusive resort, because this will eliminate a lot of the guesswork once your group arrives.

2. Set a budget. One of the biggest hassles when travelling with relatives is handling the finances. Work out the things you may want to have a communal budget for – such as petrol, meals, and other travel expenses – and the things that you will be paying for individually. Determine an efficient system of cost-sharing in order to avoid playing the “who owes who what” game.

3. Make an itinerary. Try not to plan everything down to the last detail, as this is a recipe for disaster. Instead, make a general itinerary based on what everyone would like to see and do. This will ensure that outings involve everyone, while respecting the wishes of each person.

4. Think about meals. Mealtime is also a biting time of the day when dealing with large groups of relatives. Not everyone is into the same type of food, and everyone will have their own idea of what is too expensive. Talking about this beforehand will clear the air and help you avoid awkward mealtime decisions. Be frank about what meals people will want to share, and for which meals people should go their separate ways.

Spend Some Time Apart
Perhaps one of the biggest threats to a good holiday going wrong is if you and your relatives are spending way too much time together. Going your separate ways once in a while will help the success of the holiday in the long run. It will make things more fun and interesting at the end of the day when you all get back together again and are able to share stories of your individual adventures.

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