Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Enjoying a Luxurious Galapagos Island Cruise

>> Aug 11, 2012

Today’s hectic life can make anyone suffers stressful days. It can’t be let unsolved; everyone needs to take a break sometimes. One thing that you can do to ease the stress is preparing a memorable getaway with your friends or family. You face lots of destination options to visit, but if you and your loved ones are interested with sea cruise, exotic wildlife, nature, and island adventure; why don’t you take Galapagos Cruise that will sail you to Galapagos Islands, an ecologically distinctive destination?


If you’re looking for the comfort during your journey to reach Galapagos Islands that located in the Pacific Ocean -1000 kilometers off the western coastline of South America- choosing to cruise on M/V Galapagos Explorer II won’t be a wrong choice. You’ll be provided with the 5-star suites and comprehensive finest amenities that you can only get from a luxurious ship.  


You won’t feel bored during onboard, since there are lots of exciting onboard activities that you can participate, such as cocktail classes, lectures about the island by licensed naturalist guides, whale watching that only offered from June to September, themed parties, stargazing and many other more. The cruise has featured almost all of your requirements; you don’t need to worry about anything!  


Arriving at the Galapagos Islands, your island exploration –beach activities and nature hikes- will be guided by the skilled Galapagos local residents. Since Galapagos Islands is habitat to lots of the most different and rarest diversities of plants and animals on Earth, can you imagine how extraordinary your new experience will be?


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