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Things to Consider while Selecting the Right Mover

>> Aug 20, 2012

Moving is a tedious job, especially when you have a huge family and a lot of things to move. If you are simply shifting your stuff from a small bachelor apartment to a condo nearby, your friends could help you and your overall cost would be a little under $100. However, this becomes impossible when you are moving across the state. In this case, it is best that you hire the services of a moving company like Man and Van London to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

The following points will help you with your decision of choosing a mover –

1. Time Of Moving – The timing influences almost everything in the moving business. The peak season is around June to September because it is during this time that schools and colleges get over. Children get a break and parents consider it the best time to move and not disturb their daily activities. Also, this is the time when you have to pre book well in advance if you plan on moving.

Always get a written confirmation of your bookings because moving companies tend to overbook during the peak season. Most people make a verbal dealing and are left stranded on the day because their moving vans didn’t arrive. Hence, it is essential that you choose a reputed Man and a Van London moving services that offer you some payment in case some delay is caused at their end.

Your booking should at least be 60 days in advance of your moving day, in case you have chosen the peak season. However, in the slack season, this point could be overlooked as it is very easy to get bookings. Always have a person to oversee the loading of your goods into the trucks and vans to ensure that everything works out smoothly.

    2. Liability Of The Mover – Although the movers assume liability for the goods they transport, there are different kinds of liabilities that you need to take care of. Not going into too much detail, it is essential that you follow these points –
  • Ensure that they are packing your stuff properly. The stuffing should be adequate but not too much so as to increase your overall weight limit and overcharge you. Also, see that they are weighing everything properly.
  • Have someone stay with the movers not only during packing but also while they drop your stuff off.
  • Never sign receipts in a hurry. Always check that you are satisfied about what they are making you sign.
Most of the above concerns are taken care of when you use the reputed Man and Van London services. But even if you do, there is no harm in taking ample precaution. Better be safe than sorry.

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