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How to Get a Perfect Hairstyle with TIGI Hair Waver

>> Aug 24, 2012

Every woman is fond of styling her hair to get a new look every day. There are several kind of instruments and tools available nowadays that have made the hair styling process a lot more easier for those who prefer to style their hair on regular basis. They help is saving time, money spent on expensive salons, and efforts. Just few simple steps with right technique can make you look stylish and attractive.

TIGI Bedhead dual hair waver is one of the safest and most used tool for hair styling. It makes your straight and dull hair, wavy and beautiful. Since, wavy hair look great in summertime, you can really make a style statement at your workplace, college or school with cool wavy hair look. This hair waver is equipped with three different barrels and a button for temperature control. You can easily use this hair waver for styling your hair differently everyday with a few simple techniques. In this article, we will talk about the steps to use TIGI hair waver effectively to get the perfect look.

Steps to Use TIGI Dual Hair Waver

1) Firstly, flip the side of the hair waver and open the waver by sliding the lock button located at the bottom of the waver. Once you have moved the slider, plug in the cord and turn on the switch.

2) Now, set the temperature according your hair type and texture. For example, if you have dense hair then the heat level should be kept high. You should also consider other factors as well like room temperature, skin type etc. before setting the temperature. It is necessary to set an optimum temperature so that the heat does not damage the hair.

3) Hold the pink colored knob located at the top of the waver, right above the center of the barrel. The pink knob is used to select among the different types of waves. Move the knob to adjust the size of waves you want. By turning the knob once you will be able to create large waves. Move back the knob to get small waves. 

4) Once the Tigi Bedhead dual hair waver is adjusted as per your requirements, divide your hair into sections and clip them on the top of the head with the help of a clutcher. Take a small section of your hair, open your waver and drag it down starting from the top. Hold the waver at the bottom for about three seconds every time you do it. The bottom section of your hair will become section of your hair will become wavy.

5) Now unclip the hair tied on your head, take out another small section and clip back the remaining ones.  Repeat the above step to wave this section as well.

Keep on repeating it until you are completely done. In a couple of minutes, you will be able to get beautiful wavy hair. Use a hairspray to make the waves last long.

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