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How to Pick the Right Skirt to Flatter Your Figure

>> Aug 11, 2012

With all of the different types of skirts available from minis to maxis, how do you know which one you should be choosing to get the right look and to flatter your figure? Here are some tips you can use to help you choose the right skirt the next time you go shopping. 

It's all in the fit

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you are picking out a skirt that fits properly. If you end up getting one that is too tight it will cling to your thighs and hips and make you look like you're carrying more weight than you really are. If it's too large, however, it will feel uncomfortable and won't look professional. This skirt will also hide your hips and make you look sloppy and shapeless.

Before heading out to do your next shopping, measure your waist with a tape measure and pull it firmly enough to get an exact measurement. Take a measurement of your hips by measuring the fullest part. This should be done with your feet together while standing. 

For the pear shape
Look for skirts that have a flair to them at the hemline and bypass the ones that are straight and narrow. You'll want to balance out your leg size and hips to make them appear slimmer. 

For the hourglass shape

Find a skirt that flares from the hips with a flat front. You'll want to try to accentuate your hips so that you don't end up with a boxy kind of look. 

For people with extra midsection weight

You'll want to get the skirt to draw attention away from your stomach area and down to your legs. Look for skirts that have pockets or other types of details around the thighs and hips to get people looking at your legs instead of at your midsection. 

If you have short legs 
People with short legs should be looking for a skirt that is darker in color to keep the attention away from the leg area. Wearing a light shirt with this skirt will also help to accomplish this goal. 

If you have long legs

In this case you'll want to have the skirt and top match in color or at least complement one another in the same tones to highlight your legs. You can also look for a light-colored skirt and wear it with a dark shirt. This will definitely give your legs the attention they deserve.

Sharon Freeman is a professional writer in Australia. She loves writing about anything fashion related including vintage fashion and luxury dresses and always tries to support sustainable fashion.

2 komentar:

onie August 11, 2012 at 7:32 PM  

Nice skirts.

Shilpa August 13, 2012 at 11:46 PM  

Thanks for sharing these tips! I don't find difficult in choosing skirt as almost ones fits me easily as i 'm slim.

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