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How to Design Fashion Sketches: Steps and Tips

>> Aug 17, 2012

People can learn to make sketches and drawings if they are determined to become professional design artists or designers. Of course, learning this won't be extra easy, but people can always learn the techniques through step by step learning model. After all, the sketch of the fashion design will be the basic foundation of the clothing making procedures. Without the sketches, the fashion teams won't be able to work well to create the intended clothes.

So, how to design fashion sketches? People don't have to be perfect artist to be able to produce the intended drawing. As long as they stay practicing, learning the tips, and having strong will to succeed, they can learn the steps easily. They will be surprised to find out their fast progress. The basic technique should include how to create the page mannequin or the croquis.

The steps are:
- People should find a figure. There are many sources where they can find the figure - websites, magazines, and many more. Be sure that the poses are natural and clean. When they have managed to transfer the images into the sketch pad, they can dress the croquis with any fashion style they like. Why choosing simple posture? Because it will draw attention to the clothes and styles, not to the model or the figure itself.

- Be sure that they use basic and simple grid. Simple grid will ensure the proportionality of the sketches and images. Some artist may erase the grid lines, but some may just leave it there.

- Determine how they want to draw and create the croquis image. The right croquis style should prevent any facial devoid, have fine details, and also look similar to the wooden mannequin look.

-Just use simple shapes and basic forms. For example, the head, feet, or hands are using simple oval shape, the joints are represented by the joints, the waist is represented with triangles that are meeting in the middle of the body, and then use lines to connect all the shapes.

The next steps in making the sketch are:
- Trace the croquis. It will be the basic of the many sketches that will come. People can use the light box or trace paper to copy the image and model.

- Add the clothes styles and design on the croquis.

- Be sure to use the design rules, such as dotted lines for top stitching, solid lines for the seam stitching, and many more.

- Add up movement and texture of the sketch. This would include folds, gathers, pleats, and patterns.

- It's okay to include the inside part of the garment and also the back view. People can use thumbnails for the back view.

There are several tips that people can use to produce nice images and sketches:
- Always stick to simple and natural poses
- Be sure to pick the images along with tighter clothing so the body shape can be seen easily.
- Add up textures and movements to the croquis can be challenging as it's not as easy as it look. Be sure that people practice a lot before adding up their sketches with such additional elements.

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Jessica Corie is a very popular Fashion Designer in Australia and she writes on behalf of Fashion design course where she described very well How to Design Fashion Sketches is important in fashion career. Follow other Fashion design articles.

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