Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

To Keep Your Rug Clean and Safe for Your Family

>> Aug 25, 2012

Everyone loves to beautify their own homes and make it as the most comfortable place to stay. There are many things that you can do to decorate your home; placing rugs is one popular way that you can choose to add accent, color, warmth and style into a room.

A carpet or rug can be a soothing and eye catching decoration item to have in your home. But on the other hand -without proper maintenance- your rug will be very dirty and it can cause health problems for your family. Even new manufactured carpet can put your family and pet in danger by releasing harmful chemicals into the air of your indoor home. So, is it possible to make your rug keeps safe, healthy and clean all the time?

You can make a good start by investing in an organic rug that free from any toxin and chemical ingredients.  But when you dropped by at an antique store and you brought home an antique rug for your living room, what can you do to ensure the rug is clean and safe? 

To get rid of dirt, dust and other particles from your antique carpet, you can vacuum it frequently, at least one time a week. Besides of vacuuming, you should also clean the rug with only non-toxic organic cleaner which applied by Green Choice rug cleaning service. Using chemical free cleanser to wash every rug in your home will surely protect your family and pet from harmful pollutants. Your family’s health is always becoming your most concern, right?

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