Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

What Makes a Professional Wedding Band Different from the Rest?

>> Aug 13, 2012

Hiring a professional wedding band it so important for your special day. Professional doesn’t always mean $$$ but what it does guarantee is that your band or entertainment will be reliable, on time, personable and able to accommodate the music you want to hear on the night.

When you are looking for entertainment, it is quite a good idea to go with a reputable wedding agency website. This guarantees the band is from a reliable source. Have a look through pictures and listen to sound files and most importantly, look at the style of music they play. You may find a great band however they play a lot of old classics or rock and roll and you may want a diverse range.

Once you have selected a few bands that you are interested in, ask to meet them. It is important to hear them play live and also see how they are on a personable level. You need to be able to communicate with your entertainment. On the day they are representing your music needs so you want to know that they will also be personable to your guests as well. From meeting your entertainment face to face you will be able to see what kind of a person they are. You do not need the stress of dealing with divas or over the top people. You need someone that is willing to go with the flow but also have the confidence to take control of the music so you do not need to worry. They should listen to your needs so then on the night they read the room and create a great atmosphere.

Of course it is necessary that they sound fantastic as well so that is another reason why seeing them play live before you book is a good route to take. Sound files or pictures on the Internet may be manipulated and therefore seeing them live will eliminate this issue. You do not want your guests saying how the singers winning voice is getting on their nerves.

Once you have decided on a band, you should be able to contact them to ask any questions and you should ask this when you meet them. This is another point that will make them more professional than others. You are paying money for a service so they need to be able to provide this for you. Your band needs to be approachable and committed to making your night fantastic.

All of the above is what makes a professional wedding band stick out from the average backyard band. If you follow these steps and ask them these questions you will be on the right path to making the correct decision!

This article was written by Sharon Stokes from
Entertainment 88, suppliers of Corporate Entertainment across Australia.

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