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7 Things Travel Agents Should Implement In Their Organization to Enhance Efficiency

>> Apr 16, 2013

Due to the recent economic crunch, many industries took a hit and that includes the tourism industry. Travelers are now more conscious with their money and they want to get value for their money. That includes getting a good travel agent to make their travel arrangements. Hence, travel agents need to'up their game' so to speak. They can do certain things in their organization to increase efficiency as well as income. These things are:

1.    Specialization
Select a number of activities and destination and specialize in them. Make sure you are the best of the best when it comes to the areas you choose. Travelers now have huge access to information via the internet and so they have become just like travel agents and when they seek out travel agencies, then they are looking for true specialists.

2.    Personalization
If you want to be effective in your travel agency business, you need to offer personalized service. Make yourself different from self-service online solutions. You should give your clients a personalized service right from the beginning when you are talking to them in person, through email or via the phone. If you do this, you will retain your clients.

3.    Be complex
With various online tools, consumers are able to make simple bookings themselves. For instance, you can be able to book a point-to-point trip from one city to another. Therefore, as a travel agent you need to make your services complex. For example, you need to be able to make bookings for international trips. Make sure you understand all the complexities of making international bookings.

4.    Opt for net rates other than commission
Instead of taking commissions, you should have a net rate for your services particularly for custom tours. This will give you a better cash flow and pricing flexibility. It also helps you avoid the headache of collecting your commission from clients. Your clients will also view you as a professional travelling agent.

5.    Build the reputation of your brand
If you want to attract more clients to give you business, you should build the reputation of your brand. People should be able to trust you. You can try getting your agency written up in a trusted travelling directory. You can also approach local newspapers and national media to get them to advertise your business.

6.    Set up a website
It is necessary for your travel agency to have a not just a website but a good website. An excellent website will go a long way in attracting clients. Remember that your website needs three key things to be effective. These are a good design, easy to maintain and compelling content. You can design the website on your own but it is best to use a professional web designer.

7.    Utilize the power of social media
A good website goes hand in hand with social media. Experts recommend maintaining a Facebook and Twitter accounts for your business. You will be surprised how many clients you can get from these sites. However, you have to be active to turn visitors into leads.

Author bio
Smith is passionate blogger who spends most of his free time talking about travel. He has been in this industry for many years and has a lot of experience. Newport Marketing is among the new marketing solutions that he advocates for travelling agents.

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