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Geranium – the Flower Named after a Bird’s Beak

>> Apr 26, 2013

The bird in question here is a crane and the Geranium is also known as cranesbill primarily because the seeds are dispersed from a capsule that looks distinctly like the bill of a crane. Depending on the species of flower, such a beak like seed capsule can be seen only in a few of them. Geranium is a very hardy flower and most gardeners love it simply because it is very versatile.

There are over four hundred species of geranium plants which can be found in almost all parts of the world. They come in brilliant colors such as pink, blue, red and white and are known by various names and species such as:

·         Red cutting type
·         Martha Washington
·         Geranium clarkei
·         Geranium maderense
·         Cherry Blossom which is a pink geranium and
·         Lone Ranger

Even if you talk about the widely used term cranesbill for this flower there are few distinct species as well:

·         Geranium sylvaticum
·         Geranium endressii
·         Geranium macrorrhizum
·         Geranium renardii and so on

There are also different hybrid species of geranium.

Interestingly, the flower is associated with friendship and amiability. In fact, according to the Japanese, the Geranium is a sociable plant. 

How to grow geranium
Geraniums normally come alive in late spring and with a bit of care can blossom until the winter frost sets in. You can either choose to grow them from seeds or go in for saplings. If you choose to grow a geranium from a seed then look for specific species that are known as seed propagated. Examples are Ringo, Lone Ranger and Bandit.

Ideally, you could choose to plant the seeds or saplings in or around May. Choose soil that is well drained and receives a healthy amount of sunshine. A geranium is also pretty versatile and fact is that it can be either an annual plant or a perennial one. Some species can also be indoor plants. 

Tending to a geranium
Normally it is enough to ensure that you have planted the seed or the sapling or the cutting in soil that is well moisturized and well drained too. You can also use liquid fertilizer to ensure that the plant is getting enough nourishment. Normally these flowers are not too vulnerable to attacks from different types of pests but you can always use an organic pesticide to give it an additional layer of protection.

In case you want to propagate the Geranium every year, then you should be able to take some cuttings towards the end of August and go in for rooting. You will have to balance such cuttings with an ideal mix of moisture and dry soil. 

The most common use of geranium is as a garden plant. Some of the species which have trailing stems, such as the Ivy Leaf geraniums are great for indoor decoration as well.

Another use for the geranium flower is in essential oils and scented sachets for clothes cupboards. Some people also believe that white geraniums have the capability to scare away snakes. Growing them in the garden might help if you are scared of reptiles!

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