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From Miss to Mrs. – A Hell of A Party!

>> Apr 6, 2013

It is the most cherished and sweetest dream of every girl, who since childhood wishes to have a magical dream wedding with her prince charming one fine day. And there is no better way to bring in this special occasion than to have the perfect bachelorette party for the bride to-be, who is on the verge of opening the most important chapter of her life, where she will be on a transformational journey of becoming a woman from being a girl, from being a Miss to Mrs. In just a matter of a single night! This metamorphosis ought to have the best kick- start!
The pre-wedding night is the most important eve for any woman. There are millions of thoughts running through her mind regarding the wedding, the preparations, her future, new life and commitment etc. even though she has been continuously working tirelessly from weeks to plan the most iconic event in her life.  Now the only solace she can have is in finding out that she doesn’t have to plan anything for the hens do (since it’s a gift from her girlfriends) but, just lose her-self, be laid-back and enjoy thoroughly experiencing optimum relaxation. This will help the bride to-be, to get some real peace of mind which is most essential for her to look glowing and fresh for her big day. At this point the bride cannot express her joy and excitement by this thoughtful gesture of her friends. Her blushing smile and the pride in her eyes for having such wonderful friends, who care and love her so much, will surely be worth watching.

The Bachelorette parties or Hen(s) Party or Hen(s) do; as they are popularly known around the world; is mostly conducted on a weekend before wedding. A date is selected well in advance for the big night out, to avoid last minute rush. This tradition has picked up tremendously in the last two decades, with the ever increasing party supplies and entertainment options brought by enormously varied companies and is conducted in honor of the bride, to raise a toast to the good old days of friendship and to bid adieu to her singleton status and say hello to the marital bliss. It is a night of crazy fun times, to do quirky things, to explore and do everything possible that would make the bride feel lively and young as ever. The memories of this night will be cherished by her for decades.

Typically the hens’ parties are filled with X-rated fun activities, games and entertainment all over the world depending on the likes and preferences of the bride and off-course her girl gang who are the party planners. It is the time to keep the booze flowing day in and day out. The nightclubs become the home of these petite beauties. They indulge selflessly in all the pampering and naughty stuff they can think of! From spending a day getting spoiled at the spa, to taking a limo ride to a favorite hotspot and getting flirty with the men; happily sipping the champagne and taking cues from all the attention showered on them. Some prefer the Las-Vegas style fun teamed with a stripper to keep them busy all night long doing unimaginable things, while others indulge in a retreat weekend getaway where they do some adrenaline rush fun sports and activities coupled with the usual wine tasting and exotic food spreads catering to varied palates. Yet, some maybe content with a slumber party at home with all the necessities and supplies to be fully entertained throughout.

It is the night before the bride says her vows; so it is assumed she can let all her, ‘wildest fantasies turn into reality’, before she walks down that aisle and will be the better half of her Man forever . A hen party when planned appropriately can be a perfect farewell bash to the bride.  So she can welcome the new beginning in her life joyously and whole-heartedly!

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Peter Smith is the owner of henit.ie, Ireland's leading hen party company. Henit.ie have recently opened up a new hen party Accessories section on their website. They can now provide you with all your novelties for your weekend away. Follow Dean on twitter @ Dean_Gammells

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