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Positive Reinforcement Help in Parenting

>> Apr 24, 2013

Parenting is no easy task; learning all the way through their journey as parents is a mainstay. Right from the day couples decide to have a family through the pregnancy months and all along in life they need to be supportive of their children. The kind of parenting they provide their children during their growing up years is the only way they learn to be successful individuals in their adult life.

Rules of Parenting

There are several rules of parenting and each has been well analyzed and researched. It is not necessary that all rules need to be applied or all will work in nurturing your child. All rules are adaptable and so use common sense to use it deftly in order to make the most of it. Listen to your child and communicate well to build a strong bond. Make your child realize that as parents you are their biggest support and this can be proven through simple examples in daily life. Their tender minds fast learn the significance of the relationship and parents are their real heroes. This attitude slowly changes through the growing years but the right kind of parenting skills ensures that even as an adult, your bonds are strong. Unconditional parenting is another important fact to be borne in mind for parents to raise confident and successful individuals. They must be guided through the path of life with the right kind of intervention and disciplining.

Positive Reinforcements

Some of the common mistakes parents make is that they take a rather negative approach in teaching their children various facts. Shouting at them or letting them feel unwanted at times when you want a break can set a kind of guilt in the child’s mind. They must never be compared with other children, not even their own siblings. This brings about low self-esteem. Never use bad language or label individuals in your life. Calling others by different names can have an undermining effect on children’s psyche. Never discuss their characteristics in public with other people, as many times parents tend to hurt their children by doing so.

There are many such pointers for being a good parent and parents learn these skills during the process of parenting. The beauty is that even their own children will each need different set of rules to show the right path and develop into confident individuals. All the rules of parenting books say that no amount of parenting is excess and the best attention children get from their parents, the better they are going to be as adults. Every research paper says something new about parenting skills, at the end of it all parents need to use the best set of rules that will work wonders for their children. They must understand that children learn best by example and so practically demonstrating all the right kind of values through every day life is the best way to teach them too. No parent must impose ideas or thoughts on a child and in fact must nurture the individual traits of their children in order for them to bloom as successful individuals. They must approach each milestone in their path together with the right kind of tools and skills to give their children the best in their lives.

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