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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring: A Complete and Comprehensive Guide

>> Apr 2, 2013

Your wedding day is the most special day of your life. It is a day of joy and happiness for you and your family. On this day, you want to make sure that everything is up to the mark. Even the smallest details matter. One of the best moments of the wedding day is the time when you slip the wedding ring onto the finger of your wife. It signifies a bond that lasts a long time. So it is absolutely crucial that you select the right wedding ring. A good wedding ring can make a lasting impression while a poor choice could cause you social embarrassment. Most men have absolutely no clue about how to choose eternity diamond rings and at times like these, they are lost. But with a bit of guidance, you can make the right decision. Here are a few top tips to help you.  



How much do you plan on spending? This will decide the quality of ring you buy and the type of brands that you will have access to. Don’t be cheap when buying a wedding ring. This is one thing on which you shouldn’t hesitate to spend money. This is a onetime investment and a way of expressing your love to your wife. But don’t go overboard either, make sure you have enough money to make the payment.


Choose the Metal

When selecting a wedding ring, you will first have to select the type of metal you want. Gold in white or yellow is the most common type of wedding ring metal used these days. You can also buy titanium, silver or platinum rings if it suits the taste of your wife. Silver rings are the cheapest with platinum being the most expensive.


Shape of the Ring

Wedding rings are available in a lot of varieties. You can find different shapes and sizes depending on your preference. One key factor that you must keep in mind is how does the wedding ring compare to the engagement ring? Normally, people believe that the two rings should be similar and if they match, then it creates an excellent combination. If you are unable to find a ring that is similar in shape to the engagement ring, then ask the jeweler to custom design one for you.


Band Style

You might not even know what band style means. But it’s time that you learned about it. On the side of the ring, you will see the style of the band. Commonly round edge, high domed and flat ring styles are used on such occasions. If you are having trouble deciding the band style, then talk to an expert jeweler who can give you some advice or take a friend along who knows something about jewelry.

Choose the Stone

Now that you have selected the shape, metal and band style, it’s time to choose the stone and add the finishing touches to your wedding ring.  Look at different types of stones but make sure you check them for clarity. The more clear the diamond the more it will be worth. Lastly, also keep in mind the carat weight. This determines the size of the diamond that will be placed on the ring. A large imperfect diamond will make less of an impression than a perfect little one. So keep these things in mind before you make your decision.


About the Author

The author is a jewelry store owner. He writes blogs and articles on a variety of elegant eternity diamond rings. You can get in touch with him to acquire eternity diamond rings.

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sukatribal April 2, 2013 at 5:06 PM  

VERY GOOD. . . .


Anonymous April 2, 2013 at 11:08 PM  

Thank you very much dear Lina for your visit, happy new day with peace and health. Hugs Valter. ♥
Lina your cbox this with error problem of the internet. Valter.

Mike Carlson April 3, 2013 at 3:38 PM  

These are wonderful tips. Women are really better when it comes choosing the perfect ring when it comes to the price and the design.

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